You Can Pet A Dog Until It Fights On Your Side In Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends is out now for PlayStation players and if you haven’t checked it out yet, you can find out all about it with our interview with the game’s Creative Director here. With raids and various co-op missions there is a lot to enjoy, but there is one aspect of the newly added new games + that is very important: yes, you can pet the dog. Even better? You can turn bad dogs into the best of the good boys by giving them all the love! While chatting with Tsushima’s Creative Director Nate Fox, we took a break from talking about heavy raid mechanics and becoming a demigod to discuss the most important topic of all: puppies. Talking about the various new charms that players can use to customize their experience with New Game +, Fox tells us, “I think a really good example of this new addition is that there is the charm of canine recruiting that gets you there. lets sneak up on an enemy Mongolian Hound and if you pet him enough he will suddenly start fighting by your side. “Keep giving these animals to this nice boy and he will stay by your side when you need him. If you’ve been on Legends’ fence before, let yourself be swayed: you can, in fact, pet the dog. It’s 2020, we need all the good news we can get and it’s a playful addition to a game that has a very dark and evolving narrative. As for what else Legends has to offer, there are several ways to experience this samurai fantasy with friends through additional co-op story missions, an insanely difficult raid, and survival quests. The addition of New Game + also brings a lot more whimsy to the title, making it a completely different experience for players who come back when they dive straight in. The latest update is free and is now available for PlayStation 4 players. Did you have the chance to participate and experience what Legends has to offer in Ghost of Tsushima? Have your first impressions heard in the comments section below!

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