[Worlds 2020] TES Press Conference: Karsa: “I used FPX Lee Sin to ask Tian to help me.”


Top Esports entered the tournament as a favorite alongside DAMWON Gaming, but almost made a premature exit in the quarterfinals when Fnatic took a 2-0 lead over them in their series by dominating through the bottom lane. . However, TES managed to turn the boat around and after a solid win in Game 3, they kept their momentum going to end the series with three straight wins. Top Esports’ reverse sweep is the first in Worlds history, and their victory ensures that the LPL will have a team in the final, either them or their semi-final opponents, Suning Gaming. After their streak ended, TES spoke to the press about their performance and upcoming matches. Watch the press conference here or read the transcript below: JackeyLove, do you feel like it was easy to beat Fnatic today, and what do you think of your performance individually? Fnatic still plays snipers in the bottom lane, so if I pick something like Ezreal and Farm to scale up, I think it’s a pretty good mid and late game pick. I don’t think I had a very good performance in the laning phase, but I still think Ezreal is a decent choice against Fnatic. Karsa, when you lost 0-2 to Fnatic, you blocked Lee Sin for Game 3. Can you explain why? Last year, FunPlus Phoenix clinched a victory over Fnatic with Lee Sin set to win the 2019 Worlds. I used FPX Lee Sin to ask Gao “Tian” Tian-Liang to help me in Game 3 . ‘knight, you were at a disadvantage in that game at times, so how did you stabilize yourself in those times and continue to perform well individually? I tried to farm more while finding opportunities for a comeback. In this state, a game is always winnable. How do you keep your mind clear when you’re at a disadvantage and under pressure as a mid laner? I have thought a lot about mid and jungler opponents and tried to identify opposing targets to my teammates and individually, just focused on trying to die less. Karsa, in addition to defeating a European team for the first time in a best-of-five series, you advance for the first time to the semi-finals of the 2020 World Cup. In the next rematch of the semi-finals of the summer qualifiers of the 2020 LPL – which was a 3-0 against Hu “SwordArt” Shuo-Chieh and the rest of Suning – one of you will play your first world final. What do you think of this situation? We really want to be victorious, but yes Suning SwordArt support is a close friend who was my teammate on Flash Wolves. Regardless of who wins our match, the LPL will be represented in the World Cup final for three consecutive years. We really want to hold this trophy again in China. yuyanjia, you and JackeyLove had a rough start in the low lane of this series, especially in the first two games. How did you manage to keep your competitive mentality? In the first two games I don’t think we were in very good shape. We tried to stabilize ourselves afterward by focusing on farming and scaling for the endgame. Crescent, a lot of people have talked about the LPL’s incredibly aggressive style of play. As the head coach of TES, do you think the 2020 Worlds meta has been beneficial for Chinese teams? I think a lot of people know about the LPL aggression. LCK is well known for their macro, and when their teams play against us they may not be able to handle the tempo of our playing style. I don’t think there is a specific ‘right’ way to play. in this meta. If you are smart about your own pace as a team and play in good shape, it is very easy to achieve victory. Many felt that Knight had not lived up to individual expectations at the 2020 Worlds so far, despite the consistency. knight, what do you think of your performance at your first Worlds? As for my own performances, I have played fairly regularly, but I haven’t managed to perform as well as in previous competitions. I think that later in the tournament I will have an even better performance than before. JackeyLove, you are the first team to ever sweep a series of knockout stages in World Championship history. What do you think of Game 5 and what do you think of the series as a whole? We didn’t manage to have a very good performance, actually. If we had performed better in the first games, we could have achieved this victory much easier. In Game 5, I didn’t have a lot of thoughts at that point other than whether or not my momentum was enough to have a good performance. Karsa, before today’s game you said you really want revenge against Fnatic. How do you feel about beating Fnatic, and do you have any thoughts ahead of the semi-finals against Suning? Last year on Royal Never Give Up, we failed to win against Fnatic at the 2019 Worlds to avoid being knocked out of the group stage, so I really wanted revenge. I am happy to have achieved this goal for myself and for my RNG friends and teammates. In terms of expectations for the semi-finals, an LPL team will head to the final. We will do our best to have a good performance, but no matter who gets to the final, I hope this team can keep the World Cup trophy in China. 369, in your Zion game, you were able to use your ultimate ability to make the perfect tap despite low health. Was it your decision alone or an appeal from your teammates? I just made my own decision. yuyanjia, what did you learn from your first international best-of-five series? I don’t want to talk about it, sorry. All images via: Riot Games For more LoL Esports news and content, visit our dedicated League of Legends section! Find full schedules, brackets and more for your favorite esports at! .

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