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[Worlds 2020] Gen.G Bdd: “Unfortunately, [our prep] didn’t channel into actual matches, and that’s most regrettable. “


To wrap up the quarter-finals of the 2020 League of Legends World Championship, G2 Esports swept the general G 3-0, advancing to the semi-finals. Although General G showed an incredible improvement in his performance in his second round robin of the group stage, he was unable to raise his level higher to knock out G2 and continue the tournament. After their series, Gen. G spoke to the press about his matches and his overall performances at the World Cup. Watch the press conference here or read the transcript below: (To oDin) What do you think it takes for the LCK to return to its old dominant style of play and bridge the gap between the LEC and the LPL? oDin: I think the LCK has improved a lot already. We were pretty confident, but since we lost I don’t have much to say. (To train Tom) How did you edit the draft for this series, how much of the output was due to the draft and how much was due to execution? Tom: We were confident we were playing a game where there is Twisted Fate. We intended to play with Twisted Fate, but the G2 players played so tight that we lost the first two games. In Game 3, we thought about banning Twisted Fate, but there was no need to ban it on the red side, so we let it go and thought we should do what we need to do. We were confident to play the Twisted Fate match against Galio or against Sylas. It is unfortunate that we lost. As for the result, I think it’s half the project and half the execution. (To Ruler) Although you lost, your performance was excellent on the lane. Do you think you could have done more? Ruler: I really think I could have done better, but there were parts where I underperformed, so it’s really unfortunate. (To Clid) You have experience playing both LPL and LCK. How would you rate the LCK and LPL teams at the Worlds? Do you think DAMWON Gaming is better than the rest? Clid: I don’t think there is that much of a difference. When I was in the LPL, I never went to the Worlds. This year, it wouldn’t be strange if a team wins or loses. (To oDin) You played against G2 and DWG. Who do you think will win in the semi-finals? oDin: I think it will be really close and intense. Since we are from LCK, I think DWG will win. (To the sovereign) These are your fourth worlds. What did you learn from these worlds? Rule: By playing against foreign teams, I learned to move from the start to the end of the match. Thanks to this experience, I think I can do better next year. (To Bdd) In Game 3, you were in the brush when the G2 players surrounded you. You flashed almost at the same time. Did you know they were there? Bdd: In both games 1 and 2, I felt that G2 created early aggression, so I was in that brush since I had to see. I was anticipating something, so I was able to react with my flash. (To oDin) What’s been the hardest thing this year? What have you learned? oDin: The hardest part is that I was the interim head coach this year for the first time. There was a lot of pressure. Still, the players and coaches trusted me and followed me, so it was very relieved. What I have felt this year is that the players, the coaches and I have all grown a lot. It’s a shame that we lost today, but that’s the positive aspect that I’m taking away. (To Clid) How did you prepare for the third game after losing the first two games? How did you plan your strategies? Clid: After the first two games, we thought it was the same as the start and that we could still win. As for today, I think I missed a lot compared to the expectations of my teammates towards me. We have not prepared any special strategy; we thought we could win if we just did what we had to do. (To oDin) General G had pretty high expectations this year. It seemed that today’s performance was not very good. Was there a reason? Was the G2 better than expected? oDin: We were too confident today, but G2 prepared well and played well. They just played better. Whether it was the draft or the plays, I think we lost because of me. I mean the players did well. Today’s loss was mine. (To oDin) In a best-of series, the outcome of game 1 is really important. Do you think losing the first game affected the outcome of the whole series? oDin: I agree that game 1 is the most important. It was really unfortunate that we lost the first game, but we watched FNC vs TES yesterday and we were convinced we could do the same. Even the players weren’t upset. It’s unfortunate, but losing the first game had a pretty big effect. (To oDin) What do you think Gen.G needs to improve on to get better results next year? oDin: As today’s game shows, there is a lot to improve like macro and mid-game spin and more. But more than that, this year I was the problem. We were aware of some things to improve, but I insisted on my coaching style. What we need to improve, we can think about next year. Today’s loss is entirely on me. (To Bdd) It is unfortunate that General G was not able to show everything he has prepared for this competition. What is the biggest disappointment of this World Cup? Bdd: When preparing for the group stage, there was some anxiety during training. But when we were getting ready for the quarterfinals, everything went really well, so I thought it would be okay. Sadly, that hasn’t been funneled into actual matches, and that’s most unfortunate. All images via: Riot Games For more LoL Esports news and content, visit our dedicated League of Legends section! Find full schedules, brackets and more for your favorite esports at Juked.gg! .

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