[Worlds 2020] G2 press conference after losing to DWG: “Maybe if there was lower support …”


After DAMWON Gaming and G2 Esports wiped out their respective opponents in the 2020 Worlds quarter-finals, their semi-final series was hotly debated as to which team would perform best on the day to claim victory. Most leaned on DWG’s side, and although G2 stole Game 2 to make it interesting, he was unable to find any further wins that day, ending the World Cup race. 2020 team. After the series, G2 Esports spoke to the press about the games and the 2020 World Cup as a whole. You can watch the press conference here or read the transcript below. GrabbZ, for today’s semi-finals with DAMWON Gaming, what were you waiting for and do you have something to take away from your trip to the Worlds 2020? As for expectations, it’s hard to say but we had hopes of a more competitive series. Ultimately, though, I think we can be pretty proud of how far we’ve come given the difference in meta-reading and the way teams play. When we came here to China to prepare, the muslin results were pretty disastrous, basically every best of five looked like this, and we made it to the semi-finals, so I’m happy for that. The only regret I have is that I don’t think we showed our level today, and I’m not saying it would have been enough, but at least we could have given the fans a series to remember , but instead now we’re just going home with a pretty sour taste not playing up to our standards. Caps, in Game 3, on Akali, you hid in the bush for about a minute. What did you think of this room? So the Krugs were up and they just did the Herald. So I thought Graves would go to the Krugs, and he did, but I did my kill on him badly, so I ended up not killing him. He also didn’t have a flash, so I thought he might be a killer for me – maybe a way to bounce back into the game, but it ended up killing me, so yeah, it didn’t. was not that great. Mikyx, after Game 3 your team said on Twitter that if you ever feed this hard again they would trade you for the Turkish league, do you have any thoughts on that? Well thanks for the question, first of all. And yes, I think I will try to reproduce my performance like this again, so maybe I will have more success in the Turkish league. Wunder, in this game you have chosen Omnistone several times, but it is not a common keystone. So, what do you think? Well, I can’t really tell you too much, because I’m saving it for the next world championship. So I can’t really tell you why Omnistone is good or not, but yes you should definitely try it in your soloqueue games. Perkz, in the second match with Ezreal you failed a tower dive to kill Ashe, so what happened? Well Ashe was standing under a turret with low HP and I thought I could dip it in, but I guess I couldn’t … Grabbz, what’s the main reason you fell at DAMWON Gaming today? hui? The main reason is that they are a better team and I think we can be honest in saying that. It’s a team that doesn’t have a lot of openings, they change style depending on the draft. They don’t have role models like traditional Korean teams. So we knew it was going to be very hard, it’s not just an important thing. The fundamentals of DAMWON are really good. And I think they’re going to have a really good chance in the final, and I hope they win because it looks better on us. But yeah, there isn’t just one big reason, they’re just really, really good. Probably one of the best teams we’ve seen in the last few years, so … Okay, I made my point, I should probably stop talking, so I’ll do it. Caps, this year’s Worlds were full of first mid laners, so what do you think of your trip to this event? Yes, as GrabbZ mentioned earlier, as the tournament approached Europe was a bit behind which was also reflected in the results of all the teams. I think we have been very successful in catching up with the other teams. But yeah, I think today we didn’t really show up, we weren’t strong enough to face DAMWON. I think ShowMaker played really well today and made very few mistakes. But yes, I’m not really sure. It will be fun to see how DAMWON performs against Suning or Top Esports in the final, as Angel and Knight are also very good mid laners and we can see who will take the trophy this year. Perkz, now that you played against DAMWON Gaming at the 2019 Worlds and 2020 Worlds, what makes this DWG team different from last year? I think the Worlds meta favors DAMWON Gaming a lot more than last year. As of this summer, Asian teams have been playing power-farming junglers with whom their teammates play for more goals than Western teams. DWG has been very good at what they’ve been doing for a few months now, although we didn’t start playing those picks until our World 2020 bootcamp. In this aspect, we were already three months behind the other teams, we So we have to catch up with the meta that has become the 2020 Worlds meta that gave DAMWON Gaming an edge. We weren’t able to catch up with them – maybe if we had “ broken ” the meta or practiced this style earlier, we would have been good enough to win today, but these are just things we dream of. * laughs * Since we’ve lost already, it’s kinda pointless to think about that now, but overall the last few months of DWG have prepared them better than we were for the meta. Caps, there were a lot of bumps on the road for G2 this year but you still managed to lift the LEC trophy twice and finish in the top 4 at the 2020 World Cup. What kind of year was it for? you and what was the most memorable moment? It was definitely a strange year. We played most of the LEC online, so it was really sad losing in the semifinals at the Worlds this year because I couldn’t wait to play in front of a crowd again. The most memorable part of this year was winning the Spring Division while playing AD portage. * laughs * It was a bit of a crazy year, I guess, mostly because we lost our first round of the LEC 2020 spring qualifiers, so it felt like a 2020 Worlds where we were a little behind the meta in Europe. . However, we managed to catch up and be better than everyone else in the EU, but unfortunately we failed to do the same at the Worlds. Maybe if there was a lower range … * laughs * I just hope we can prove ourselves strong next year, win two more trophies in Europe and hopefully make it through internationally as well. Perkz, what does the region need to win the world championship? We need loser support. Europe, or at least G2 Esports, needs a double elimination. We’ve won the playoffs twice this year, both on the losing side of the bracket. I’m pretty confident that with the losing range, we would have come back to the World Cup final and won. Jankos, did you feel more rushed to perform at Worlds 2020 than at other tournaments due to the jungle champions focused meta? It’s a team game, and while this meta is focused on junglers, it still is in any meta. You prioritize ganking or farming based on meta, I guess, so learning to play a mostly farming style with the rest of my team playing around me was new to us on G2. I felt like I needed to try a lot more scrims and revisit the matches in more depth to try to explain my take on the game to my team, but other than that you still have to play. In this way, the 2020 Worlds were not much different from the 2019 Worlds. Grabbz, the LEC received four seeds ahead of the 2020 Worlds and Europe was widely considered to be the second strongest region on the planet. Now that the LEC has been completely eliminated from the Worlds, what do you think of Europe’s regional strength compared to South Korea or China? Do you think the absence of the 2020 mid-season invitation played a role in a regional disparity in strength at the 2020 Worlds? I’ll answer the second part of the question first: I don’t think MSI 2020 had a particular impact on the 2020 Worlds because the meta really evolved after the summer split, not before. Overall, we’ve been saying the same thing for the past two years – G2 and Fnatic’s performances at Worlds do not reflect Europe’s regional strength. Every time we come to our pre-World bootcamp, we have to dig deep and sweat a lot to catch up. The meta was also different this year. I don’t think LEC is the strongest region, as much I would like to say. I think as a region we are trying to achieve this, but it will take time and more work at lower levels. Regional leagues are a good start for new talent in Europe, but we’re still a little way from calling ourselves the best region in the world. 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