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[Worlds 2020] G2 Perkz: “I’m sorry for LCK not to have an LCK team in the final now.”


Having dominated performances in recent international events, G2 Esports remains consistent, knocking out General G in a 3-0 sweep in the 2020 League of Legends World Championship quarterfinals. Beyond a few trolling moments, they outclassed and outclassed their opponents, qualifying again for the semi-finals. With their dominant victory, they complete this year’s quarter-finals and will meet DAMWON Gaming in the semi-finals for their rematch. After their series, G2 spoke to the world press to discuss their performances and the upcoming game. Watch the press conference here or read the transcript below: (To Perkz) Yesterday you mentioned that you had unfinished business with Ruler since 2017. You just played against him and came out on top. How do you feel now? And compared to previous years, what is different about this year’s G2? Perkz: I think I kind of finished the deal today. It was in 2017, he kicked me out of the Worlds. We lost 0-2 to Samsung as a group. Now we have managed to beat him 3-0. It feels good. I think this year we’re just better than last year, and the year before too. We play better together, and we don’t expect each other anymore … [Laughs] Not too much, but a little. We play just generally, better, and we don’t feel like we’re lucky, we just feel like the better team, so it’s pretty good. (To Mikyx) Before last year’s Worlds final, you ranked second best support. But this year you’ve performed even better on stage. Do you think you are the strongest support at this World Cup 2020, and do you have any comments on the other supporting players at this World Cup? Mikyx: Thanks for the question. Yeah, I think I’m playing better than last year, but I don’t think I’m the best in the tournament yet. I think Hylissang has played this whole tournament very well. Judging by the scrims, I think some players are much better than me. I still have to play BeryL, which is a very strong support. After beating them, we can revisit this topic. (To Perkz) You will face DAMWON Gaming again in the semi-finals. Do you have any words about DAMWON Gaming? Perkz: Umm … [Laughs] I’m not quite sure what to tell them. I saw an interview with ShowMaker. He was talking about how he wants to beat G2 and how he wants us to win against General G. He doesn’t care that there is like an LCK team in the final, that’s for sure. He wants to beat us hard. But I’m sorry for LCK not to have an LCK team in the final now. (To Perkz) Did you expect to win 3-0 and how would you rate the team’s performance today? Perkz: I wasn’t quite sure we were going 3-0 today, because usually when you step into the best of five you don’t quite know how Game 1 is going to go. But as soon as we won the first game, I assumed we would go 3-0. I didn’t want to get ahead of myself, because yesterday Fnatic got swept up in the opposite direction. But generally, when we win the first game, we tend to play really well in the series. So it was a good start, a good start today. I would rate our team’s performance as 8 out of 10. Maybe some things could be better, but I think overall we did very well today. Just a few small mistakes, of course, just a few small draft changes, but it’s just usual. [Laughs]

(To GrabbZ) Could you rate Gen.G’s draft of today’s series? Many Korean analysts have said the result comes down to the draft and the start. Could you also rate the performance of Bdd and Caps today? GrabbZ: I think the draft was optimal – which was also something that happens to me very often as my AD report said. Also, I think Gen.G as a team is not very adaptable. Above all, in a best of five, we knew what their approach was going to be, and that makes the writing a lot easier. Bdd and Clid, I think they’re not that bad, but I think they just had a bad day. I don’t think it reflects their performance this season. I think it’s very unfortunate for them. I didn’t think we were going 3-0 today, but DAMWON is going to be a little harder for sure. (To Caps) You give LCK fans nightmares. Do you also think that you are stronger, especially against LCK teams? If so, what is the reason? Caps: I think in the past I have had very good results against LCK teams. Especially last year, a lot of LCK teams were slow teams playing mostly for drakes and goals. We were really creative, putting things aside or getting other forms of leads. But in this meta right now, I don’t think we really have that edge over LCK teams. Each team is playing the same way at the moment. More or less, compared to last year at least. So I don’t think we have the same advantage against the LCK, but I still think we’re a strong team in any meta, in any game. We will do our best, regardless of the LCK or LPL team, or if we have faced another European team. I think we can shoot everyone down. (To GrabbZ) You beat General G. today. But it’s safe to say that your next opponent, DWG, is a cut above Gen.G. With the level of play your team showed today, what do you think of the semi-finals? GrabbZ: Well, sure, I would say I’m pretty happy, other than Game 3. But I think my players just had fun, making me lose my hair. If we play like the first two games, we can definitely be a good opponent for DAMWON. Also, I’m really happy for our jungler, that we can show the fruit of our labor, play around it. So now if we start hitting skills with Nidalee and Graves, we could 3-0 DAMWON as well. All jokes aside, I think – (looks at Wunder, Perkz, and Jankos) our players are making old man jokes – but, DAMWON of course, will play very aggressively against General G. DAMWON’s jungle will also be much stronger than what General G.’s jungle environment has shown today. It will be pretty explosive, I think. The draft can make a big difference, individual performance can make a big difference. I think it’s going to be an exciting series, and I think it’s going to go up to five games, and the best team, in the end, will win. (For Jankos) G2 is considered the Kryptonite of LCK. What was the biggest part of your victory today? Was it the flexibility of the project, a better strategy, the Caps difference, or was it something else? Jankos: I think today we showed a pretty solid performance from each player. I think Gen. G plays all the champions, and we were much better playing with the Caps than against Bdd. And of course, Caps was a bit of a Smurf. I also think we were just a better team. I think playing against DAMWON will be much more difficult. I don’t believe we are a Kryptonite of the Korean teams either. Last year was a different meta, where LCK teams wouldn’t play from champions and had a really slow style. But this year, as Caps mentioned before, every style is a bit the same, everyone is playing the same game, so it comes down to the best team and the best players. I think we can beat DAMWON like we beat Gen.G today, but I think the drafts would be stronger. (To Wunder) You’ll face DWG – a team you knocked out last year – in the semi-finals. Canyon said they have better chances this time around because you look a little worse than last year as they have improved a lot and are a better team. What do you think of this, do you agree? Wunder: Honestly, I haven’t given much thought to playing against DAMWON, because in my opinion, we should just focus on ourselves for this week and it will depend on whether Suning or Top ESports wins, then we will start to prepare for one or the other. of these teams. I don’t think DAMWON is really a threat to us. Anyway, we usually beat all the Korean teams, so that’s my point of view. (To Caps) You had a very good performance today, finishing with a 14 KDA and you were the player of the series. How do you think your streak against DWG will go compared to your matches against Gen.G today? Should we expect such a solid performance again? Caps: I think like Jankos mentioned earlier, I think a lot of meta means most teams play the same way. So I think even if we go against DAMWON and they have choices that they might not play and choices that they play differently from Gen.G, it will probably be kinda the same games and the same states. Obviously, DAMWON is a much stronger opponent, but if we play our game well, and if we play even better than our game today, then I’m sure we can mirror what we have. made today and maybe even score a 3-0 next week. as well as. All images via: Riot Games For more LoL Esports news and content, visit our dedicated League of Legends section! Find full schedules, brackets and more for your favorite esports at Juked.gg! .

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