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Screenshot via Respawn Entertainment After a year of waiting, Respawn has finally announced a definitive date for Apex’s debut on Steam – and it’s coming soon. The Battle Royale will debut on Steam on November 4 alongside the release of its seventh season. Origin players will have a seamless transition if they decide to play on Steam. “All progress and unlocks in your account will carry over” between the two platforms, according to game director Chad Grenier. The special regime between Origin and Steam also includes the ability to ditch EA’s platform altogether. Apex “will launch directly with Steam without running Origin,” according to one developer. Matchmaking will work normally between the two platforms. The launch of Apex on Steam is the product of an ambitious deal between EA and Valve. The deal allows Origin-exclusive titles such as Apex and The Sims to access the Steam Store, alongside the EA Play subscription service.The two companies signed the deal in October 2019 and hinted at a release date since. The official announcement is vague and indicates that the battle royale will be launched on Steam “next year” [in 2020]. Respawn’s reveal at EA Play in June reduced it slightly: the game was coming “this fall,” a slightly less vague timeline. which mix Apex and the famous Valve titles. The items feature a potato version of Portal’s GLaDOS, with Wattson holding a companion cube and Octane infested with one of Half-Life’s crabs.

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