Valorant employee confirms Indian server launch by the end of 2020

  • Valorant’s tech director confirmed that Valorant servers for India and the Middle East will arrive by the end of 2020.
  • Mumbai and Bahrain will be the two main benefactors of the new server launch, according to ZealousApathy.

Indian and Middle Eastern Valorant fans can now rejoice as Riot Games have given a confirmatory heads-up on the server statuses for both the region.

In a Reddit post by a Middle Eastern Valorant fan ‘satanicxsah’, one of Valorant’s tech directors ZealousApathy has commented that by the end of 2020, both India and the Middle East will be getting their own servers.

The tech director said: 

“Hey friends, let me give you some info on where we’re at: Middle East (Bahrain) and India (Mumbai) servers are extremely likely to arrive by end of year. We do care about these regions, and we’re close to being able to announce actual dates.

“Neither of these locations are likely to help Kazakhstan, because Kazakhstan is just a long way away from all of our game servers. Let me be real with you: Kazakhstan will not be getting a low ping in the near future, and I couldn’t say when it will. The best servers are going to either be Warsaw or Stockholm, and over time we’ll try to improve routing from Kazakhstan (and nearby areas) to those servers, but they’ll never be close to our “ideal” of 35ms or less.”

Big news for the Indian Valorant scene

Valorant (Image Credits: Riot Games)
Valorant (Image Credits: Riot Games)

After the Paytm First games x Riot Games webinar held on the 21st of July 2020, there was really not much news on the status of Indian Valorant servers. 

During the webinar, Riot Games’ Head of Publishing in India and South Asia, Sukamal Pegu, talked about how important it was for the Valorant devs to launch a server in the region.

All the panellists in the webinar (Image Credits: Paytm First Games)
All the panellists in the webinar (Image Credits: Paytm First Games)

According to Pegu, the main goal for Riot Games in regions like India, South Asia, and the Middle East is to generate an ‘ecosystem’ that will be able to provide a platform on the grassroots level. It will help hone local talents and allow players of these developing regions to compete on an international scale. 

After the webinar, these (sort of) confirmatory statements from Valorant’s tech director, ZealousApathy, comes as quite a pleasant surprise for Indian fans, who have been slaving away in the servers with a 110+ ping. 

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