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Image via ActivisionTwitch Rivals is hosting the North American portion of its Call of Duty: Warzone season six duos tournament today, and a plethora of well-known contestants take part in the action. The competition can be watched on the official Twitch Rivals channel. In addition, each competitor’s point of view is visible on their respective channel. The event takes place in two phases. The first is a qualifier where the 45 teams do a pubstomp style format. By waiting in line for two hours, players will try to get as many points as possible, with their first three games counting towards their overall standings. After two hours, the top 10 teams will compete in the playoffs. The playoffs will have the same format, but instead of having two hours, teams will only have 30 minutes. Each finalist’s final score will be their qualifying score plus twice the team’s best score in the playoff round. There is $ 100,000 in total prize money at stake, with the first team getting $ 20,000. The rest of the top 10 teams will win between $ 2,000 and $ 12,500 As the event continues throughout the evening, we’ll update the scores and standings here Via Twitch Rivals Official Channel

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