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Top 5 Characters of Free Fire In August 2020.

From the very early stage of Free Fire, the game has introduced the character system. Now, over the years, it has become one of the most important features in Free Fire. With every season and update, there is a new character. The latest character that was released in Free Fire was Luqueta, a soccer player who will gain more max HP whenever he gets a kill.

Players can acquire any character in Free Fire in the Store using Diamonds or Gold. Apart from Adam and Eve, every other character in Free Fire has their own unique skills that will give you an advantage in the battle. However, there are some characters in Free Fire with a skill that stands out from others because of their powerful skill.

Here is the list of the top 5 characters in Free Fire with the best skill.

1. DJ Alok

Alok is the hottest character in Free Fire that every player wants to own. His skill is called Drop the Beat, which creates an aura that increases movement speed and HP regen. At the highest level, this skill can increase movement speed by 15% and restore 5 HP for 10 seconds. The utility that skill gives you in combat is just too much, making him the best character.

2. Antonio

Antonio is always the first option in mind if you are trying to build a tanky character. His skill is called Gangster’s Spirit, which increases his max HP at the start of the game. At the max level, this skill can give you 35 max HP. The skill is very simple but it also makes you much stronger than other players in all situations.

3. Luqueta

Luqueta is the latest character in Free Fire and he is also among one of the best characters in Free Fire at the moment. His skill is called Hattrick, which increases his max HP (up to 35 HP) whenever he gets a kill. At the max level, he can gain 18 max HP for one kills. That means he only needs 2 kills to get 35 max HP. Combine Luqueta’s skill with Antonio’s skill and you will be able to have a crazy amount of 270 max HP.

4. Jota

Jota is a great option for players who have a rush playstyle with an SMG or Shotgun. His skill is called Sustained Raids, which heal him a great amount of HP whenever he gets a kill. At the max level, he can heal 40 HP instantly after a kill with an SMG or Shotgun. This skill allows you to stay in the combat constantly without having to stop to heal.

5. Laura

Laura is the best option who play the sniper role in Free Fire. Her skill is called Sharp Shooter, which increase her accuracy when the scope is on. This skill can increase your accuracy by 30% at the max level.

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