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Top 5 best game like PUBG Mobile to play after PUBG Mobile Ban in India.

Now that PUBG Mobile was banned in India, fans of the sport are frustrated, to say the least.
We talk a few battle royale alternatives which you could attempt to fill the void left by PUBG Mobile’s absence.

News of all PUBG Mobile being prohibited in India has caught fire on the internet, and it is an understatement that lovers of the battle royale game are disappointed. The title, made by Tencent games, had taken to instant fame in the mobile gaming industry and had 33 million regulars users in India.

Following its ban due to India’s continuing tussle with China, PUBG Mobile gamers are left without their favorite game.

While we might not be in a position to play PUBG Mobile anymore, you will find several BR games which were found in the interim. Thus, if you are already searching for comparable games, here are a couple of options you could consider.

Five greatest games like PUBG Mobile after the ban
1) Garena Free Fire

A sport that has been perhaps more popular than PUBG Mobile from the smartphone gambling industry, Garena Free Fire is certain to be its spiritual successor after the ban. The game has over 61 million downloads so far, and executes the BR gameplay rather well.

Free Fire has short matches that last around 10 minutes, with only 50 players propelled onto a map where they struggle to the death. With regular updates and great articles, Free Fire is currently the king of BR games on mobiles.

2) Call of Duty Mobile:

Another great substitute for PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobileis a match which required the battle royale gameplay and did absolute justice to it. Players are delivered to an island, similar to PUBG Mobile, using a shrinking area, until just 1 survivor emerges victorious.

COD Mobile, however, also has many different kinds of game modes including Death games, Frontline, Domination, Difficult purpose, and Search and Destroy.

3) Hopeless Property: Fight for Survival

Hopeless Property is a PUBG Mobile clone that manages to supply a decent battle royale experience. 121 players parachute into an island where they will fight a struggle of survival. The game also allows for air to land conflicts, by letting players ride and take enemies. The title has a simple shooting mechanism, using a smooth interface and easy to master controls.

4) Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground (Image credits: Viral Cone, Youtube)
Pixel’s Unknown Battleground is basically a mix between Minecraft and PUBG Mobile. A game that takes the brutality of a battle royale gameplay and merges it with the pixelated and upbeat images of Minecraft, Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground is a great game to play since PUBG Mobile is not an option anymore.

The name follows the same pattern of players fighting a shrinking map until only one survivor emerges victorious.

5. Survival Battleground:

Survival Battleground has taken a lot of its gameplay from both PUBG Mobile and Free Fire. The game enables players to jump on to a shrinking world where they will need to fight for survival, and stay alive long enough to be the last man standing. It’s unquestionably a fantastic replacement for PUBG Mobile players, since it offers a decent interface that is quick to grasp and a fantastic arsenal of weapons.

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