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Video games have the unique ability to put you in someone else’s shoes, which also means they have the ability to scare you like no other medium. From the growing psychological torment that Silent Hill 2 throws at you, to the good old heart-in-your-mouth spooks thrown by the original Resident Evil, there are plenty of truly terrifying moments in video games. There’s a lot to choose from, but we’ve narrowed it down to ten of the best. Watch the video above, click the gallery below, or scroll down for the full list! The most terrifyingly scary games in video games 10. T-Rex Attack – Tomb Raider While not a horror series in the traditional sense, the Tomb Raider series has taken a heavy toll on the fantastic and the supernatural, offering its fair share of scares over the years. However, nothing came close to the appearance of the T-Rex in the Lost Valley level of the 1996 original. Even if you finally knew it was coming, the thunderous footsteps and overwhelming size of the dinosaur, accompanied of that sudden, frenzied score-based chain, still terrified every time. Fast Zombies of Ravenholm – Half-Life 2 Half-Life games have always excelled at introducing new game mechanics or enemy threats into every playable chapter, and one of the best has been set in the Zombie Infested City. from Ravenholm. There comes a point where the player is trapped on a rooftop waiting for a slow elevator to reach the top floor as an eerie and horrific howl echoes in the distance. Due to this slow elevator streak, Valve decided that it would be best to introduce a new type of enemy that wasn’t in any previous Half-Life game: The Fast Zombie. Fast Zombies weren’t just horrible. to watch, but they were incredibly agile and incredibly agile. unlike anything Half-Life 2 had previously put in place for player expectations. Stuck on the roof as the horrific sounds of howling, grotesque gargling noises and seeing the pipes attached to the building structure rumble as the fast zombies scrambled up to sneak directly into the player’s face made it seem like the he elevator rose to the top floor. Eternity 8. The Hall of Mirrors – Silent Hill 3 The original Silent Hill trilogy all had biting moments, but one of the most terrifying – and abstract – was the Doomed Mirror in Silent Hill 3. Set in the nightmare version at Brookhaven Hospital, there is a special storage room that Heather can only enter so that the soundscape turns into a pounding heartbeat. Looking at the mirror, the player will begin to see what look like ships blood crawling on the floor inside the reflection, which begins to make its way inside a sink before spilling out into the world. The door to the exit is locked to the floor, Heather’s reflection in the mirror freezes, and the entire room is engulfed in what appears to be mutating flesh and blood before killing Heather. It’s one of the strangest moments in the Silent Hill series, and one that its fans will never forget. The Ladder – FEAR Some horror games make situations more intense by barely providing you with all the weapons. FEAR changes things by empowering you to mow down countless Supersoldiers, but regularly reminds you that no weapon can protect you from true terror. Players learn this early on when they witness hallucinations and dark figures rushing just out of range that no amount of bullets or reflex time can repel. But FEAR’s most terrifying moment comes when you descend a seemingly harmless ladder and suddenly find yourself face to face with Alma, the show’s iconic scary little girl, standing just inches away. This event is particularly devious as the player is essentially helpless while on the ladder, and while frantically sliding to regain control, he barely notices another specter walking towards him on the catwalk below. one thing to program an effective jump fear, but what about the fear? Dread may be a more difficult mood to define, but Dead Space accomplished it with little more than a hole in the side of a ship and a nasty tentacle. Of course, the first time the player passes the hole, he is immediately on his guard. But when nothing comes out the second time around? Or the seventh? The hole becomes just another part of the background as Isaac retraces his steps again and again trying to get the Ishimura right. Until, that is, the jack-in-the-box ends up POP and the player is treated to a terrifying quicktime event, then they have to perform precision shots or risk becoming cthulu -food. The Nightmare Alley – Silent Hill The first few minutes of Silent Hill are a master class in game design in the way it uses almost every aspect of the gameplay to build up the tension bit by bit. Thick fog obscures its surroundings, while a faint electronic hum and your own footsteps are the only sounds to be heard. As protagonist Harry Mason chases a ghostly figure down an alley, Silent Hill’s camera suddenly becomes more dynamic – descending low and then rising as if it was from the point of view of something watching. Your surroundings inexplicably darken, the walls around you turn to rusty metal splashed with blood, mutilated corpses litter the ground. A siren sounds in the distance and knife-wielding creatures begin to invade. The controls, awkward at first, now emphasize how nearly impossible it is to fight these monsters, and there is no escape. And that’s it in the first five minutes. The xenomorph can actually hear you – Alien: Isolation Ever since that baby xenomorph erupted in Kane’s chest in the mess of Nostromo, horror movies and sci-fi movies have never been the same. While Alien: Isolation wasn’t as groundbreaking as its cinema ancestor, it was the first Alien game to successfully adapt the survival horror core from the first film. And in order to survive on Sevastopol, the player had to not only master the escape, but also shut up himself. Xenomorphs have super sensitive hearing, and while a locker can hide the player from their predatory gaze, the strong exhalation or party merriment (from the comfort of your earthly couch) after surviving a close call could result in an unexpected head bite and reappear if strong enough. But how did the alien hear you in the first place? Well, he’s listening through the controller’s mic. And those early deaths that occur when the Xeno comes in right after you thought it was in the clear are some of the scariest fears in the game – that is, until the player realizes their bug and ‘he must remain silent in order to survive. 3. Meet the Licker – Resident Evil 2 Preparing for your first encounter with a licker in Resident Evil 2 is exactly what you’re looking for. Upon discovering a corpse very early in your trip to Racoon City Police Station, you are informed that its “head is missing.” It seems to have been distorted ”. The cut scene where the licker shows up on the ceiling, all brains, teeth and tongue is bad enough, what’s worse is when he falls from the ceiling and you’re forced to face him, in that uncomfortable fixed angle, with only a handful of balls. Really, the nightmare thing. The Best Resident Evil Bosses 2. That Doggie in the Window – Resident Evil window and absolutely spoil your day. The initial shock of this particular moment is so great that you’ll never comfortably walk past a window for the rest of the game, leading to a feeling of unease gnawing through it throughout. Lisa Attacks – PT The biggest thing about PT is the way everything slowly grows up to this big scare. While the interior of his dimly lit home is spooky, it’s too linear to make you fear jumping into a dark corner. But as you keep walking the continuous loops of PT through the hallways of the house, things get a little more disturbing each time and the tension starts to rise, and to rise and to rise, until finally. .. the words “look behind you” can hardly be done through the static radio … you oblige, and you meet Lisa, up close and personal. Try not to scream and these are our favorite scares in the game – what made you scream the loudest? Let us know in the comments, and for more spooky reads, find out how PT became a modern urban legend in its own right, or

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