The International 10 prize pool hits $34 million

The DOTA 2 International 10 prize pool has already reached $33.8 million and still counting, closing into last year TI 09’s historical $34+ million. 

There are absolutely no signs that the crowd funding for The International 10 prize pool is slowing down. 

There is a strong chance that the final amount can reach the $ 40 Million milestone if Valve decides to allow the prize pool to build up until TI10 takes place (due to pandemic there is no confirmation on tournament dates) or they will just cut it off at the precise time that TI10 was supposed to take place (that would be next week). 

If by any chance, they decide to build over the next few months, that will inevitably mean this TI 10 will reach new heights, but it could also lead to a new bar that would be too high for next International dota events. 

With the base prize pool starting at $1,600,000, crowd funding has the capability to surpass all previous expectations, bringing the total prize money to a whopping $33,873,491 ($32,273,491 added). 

As we are aware that just twenty-five percent of the sales goes to the prize pool money, meaning that $129,093,964 has already been spent in Dota 2 purchases by fans this year across the globe.

Whereas Last year, The International (TI 09) prize pool amount reached $34,330,068 (i.e $32,730,068 added from Dota 2 Purchases).

The TI10 prize pool tracker allows you to keep track of real-time hourly and daily comparison graphs. This year’s prize witnessed a spike in sales and then grew at a much faster pace than the previous year’s fund.

The International 10

Last summer, during The International 9, Valve made the announcement that their 10th-anniversary of the pinnacle of all Dota 2 international events would be held in Sweden (Stockholm). 

European fans were thrilled as it would have been the first Dota International event held on European soil since The International 1, which was held in Germany. 

But the best-laid plans of mice and men —including Valve and esports — often go away. 

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