The director of Astralis found out he was one of the owners of HLTV


Duncan “Thorin” Shields “has never hidden his vision of Astralis. The British esports journalist has denounced for months “shady cases” in Astralis groups. Most recently, Thorin took to Twitter to lay out crucial details about the involvement of the Danish organization’s director in the HLTV organization. I’ll explain it to you: A director of Astralis bought HLTV and the site’s reporters neglected to mention this when doing several interviews with players from Astralis – Thorin (@Thorin) October 19, 2020 Thorin revealed a capture of Astralis Groups IPO prospectus screen which includes brief information about the actions of Jesper Søgaard, co-founder of Better Collective, in the Astralis groups. Earlier this year, Better Collective acquired for 34.5 million euros. Both companies made general announcements and press releases; however, no specific mention of Astralis was made. Thorin has let esports fans know that Astralis director Jesper Søgaard has a 50% stake in Better Collective. Better Collectif was founded by one of Astralis stakeholders. The esports historian is of the opinion that the news website should have made it public that a shareholder of a prominent team is the new owner of HLTV. It is important to mention here that HLTV is one of the biggest news portals in CSGO, their ranking is of great importance in deciding the value of a player or a team. With that in mind, Thorin and the fans are now questioning Astralis’ continued position on the top spot. However, HLTV’s ranking system is based on points won and lost, which makes it completely transparent. Handling the news and removing negative aspects from an organization remains a problem, however. Thorin has previously accused Astralis of overworking his players and attributes the burnout issues in the organization to the same. In his recent tweets, he said that by conducting interviews with the players and posting first-hand information from the organization, HLTV could have played a role in showing events in a different light. The mega news portal HLTV has been running for more than six months without revealing details of their connection to the Danish esports organization. Fans are furious as HLTV has continued to build content around Astralis and its players without revealing their connections, creating a conflict of interest. Where some fans feel that Astralis itself is not responsible for the ownership history of its stakeholders, others believe this event is another addition to Astralis’ belt of suspicious activity. The Astralis and Better collective groups escaped discussion, as no one has commented so far. An earlier version of this story mentioned “CEO of HLTV” instead of “Owner of HLTV”. Regret any inconvenience it may have caused.

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