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With the release of Teamfight Tactics: Fates last month, Little Legends’ ranking system has become easier to navigate as players can choose to upgrade their favorites with Star Shards. There are currently 172 Little Legends available in Teamfight Tactics, but fans are still arguing over which are the best. Some dispute points include rarity, spammable emotes, and overall appearance. To find out what the Star Shards are worth, this list will explore some of the features of the best Little Legends available in TFT, including the new Choncc, Ao Shin, and Umbra variants.Bass Queen QiQiImage via Riot Games Based on Qiyana’s appearance in the True Damage music group in League of Legends, QiQi emoticons feature epic music and dancing. This legendary level variant of QiQi, only available from True Damage Eggs, features luminous accents contrasting with jet black fur, all topped off with a pair of sassy undertones. original Hushtail, Kanmei Hushtail is found in a forest of cherry blossoms and prance with pink and blue accents. Obtained via the shop rather than by chance through eggs, this little legend, when leveled up, is followed by cherry blossom petals and dazzling sparkles. Plus, it matches Kanmei’s themed arena skin.Sugarcone Furyhorn This sweet variation of the classic Little Legend is the rarest of all Furyhorns – and possibly the cutest too.Sugarcone LightchargerImage via Riot GamesSimilar to Furyhorn, the unicorn horn from Sugarcone Lightcharger is an ice cream cone. With upgrades, however, this horn gets bigger until its final variant features a huge candy cane with chocolate ice cream. On top of that, he’s got some glitter.Blood Moon Bellswayer His emotes are also super spammable, spawning a meep in one of three random locations each time.NeexieImage via Riot Games With her big button eyes and multicolored hair, this rare little legend has enhancements that give it unique flower particle effects. Along with Arcade Lightcharger, this is one of two Little Legends whose designs are based on League Champions that can be obtained from Eggs Immortal Creatures.Astronaut MolediverImage via Riot GamesSet Three of Teamfight Tactics was all about space, just like this little legend exclusive to the pass. This molediver comes equipped with an astronaut spacesuit and was one of the first little legends to feature a detailed background rather than a solid color. This is no longer possible either, so those who own this little legend can flaunt their status as a longtime TFT enthusiast.Honeybuzz ChonccImage via Riot GamesThe rarest variant of Choncc, Honeybuzz Choncc is a precious and fluffy dragon with black and white stripes. With an insatiable appetite, you’ll find him munching on honey, honeycombs, and occasionally bumblebees. On top of that, Choncc plays an irresistible belly-drumming rhythm with an equally adorable dance to boot.Fruity-Tooty UmbraImage via Riot GamesThis little legend is a dragon fruit dragon. And aside from the incredible pun in its name, Fruity-Tooty Umbra’s third emote plays a sick riff on the electric guitar that can be synchronized with the music of Ao Shin and Choncc’s emotes, the other dragons released. at the same time Umbra in the Heroic Hatchlings set.Lucky FuwaImage via Riot Games An exclusive Set Four: Fates pass, Lucky Fuwa introduces a Spirit Blossom touch to this quirky little legend, matching the theme of the set and other cosmetics released with . Previously, Little Legends obtained from the pass could not be upgraded beyond two stars. But now they can be upgraded to the highly sought after three star variants using Star Shards. Lucky Fuwa’s splash art detail also features a beautiful background resembling the cosmetics of the board and the art style of the carousel. This, along with Lucky Fuwa’s unique poses, sets it apart from all other Fuwa variations.

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