Team Solo Mid (TSM) signed Chess player Hikaru Nakamura.

One of the world’s biggest gaming organization, Team Solo Mid, has made revolutionary movements by signing Hikaru Nakamura as their first chess competitive player, here’s all that you need to know.

In the last few days, Team Solo Mid, popularly known as TSM, a world-leading gaming eSports and content organization, made moves with Hikaru Nakamura, the 32-year-old Japanese Grandmaster and one of the best in global open chess, this was the first time an eSports organization invested in a sports profession.

About Team Solo Mid – One of the world’s biggest gaming organizations, with over 15 titles and numerous championships, Team Solo Mid, established 2009, it was originally established as a League Of Legends community website and playing guide resource, by 2015, TSM hired its professional CSGO roster, won it’s first LoL title, become a part of Guinness Book of World Records in Super Smash Bros, by 2019, TSM got professional into R6S, and it acquired Pubg Mobile and Valorant rosters by Mid 2020.

About Hikaru Nakamura – The 32-year-old US Chess Grandmaster, who has his roots in Osaka, Japan, is currently at the eighteenth position in FIDE chess global open ranking, with a professional rating of 2736. Major titles in Nakamura’s bag include five US Championship titles, Tata Steel India 2011, St. Louis Chess Tour, The Paris Grand Chess Tour, and many more. Some rarer known facts about Hikaru Nakamura readout him to be a professional chess streamer and the highest-rated player in online rankings.

Both, Team Solo Mid and Nakamura are indulged into gaming and link a passion with it, it’ll be interesting to see how this deal turns out for both ends, professionally and personally. Also, whether in the future, something to be kept eyes on is that if the eSports ecosystem will be able to as well as willing to link itself with the conventional professional sports, both personally and professionally.

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