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Team Liquid releases the retro collection LIQUID x MARVEL


Team Liquid has done it again. For what looks like the 30th time in just three months, Team Liquid has released yet another Marvel collection, this time with a cute retro look. The new collection includes both hoodies and t-shirts, and is available for purchase starting October 23. This specific collection follows a few trends from many recent Team Liquid sales. Similar to much of what they’ve done with Marvel, this collection features different color schemes and mini logos for each different Marvel character, including Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and the Hulk. Team Liquid recently released a Heritage collection, which is packed with retro looks and flashbacks, as well as a tie-dye spiral hoodie. Their Dreamscape collection also includes a soft pastel tie-dye, with splashes of bleached spots to make it stand out. This retro LIQUID x MARVEL collection combines all of this with your favorite superheroes and adds an embossed stripe that reads “MARVEL” on the sleeve, following a popular trend in current streetwear fashion. Each piece features a mix of their respective superhero’s color mixed with black tie-dye spots and stars, except for the Captain America t-shirt + hoodie combo, which instead sports a background clean and tidy soft blue. Liquid also released a general retro white and gray Marvel shirt with no specific heroes, as seen in Edward “Tactical” Ra. Fans of Marvel, Liquid, and cute retro looks are rejoicing as the drop is out within a week, and at this point, be prepared for more and more. Team Liquid doesn’t seem to be giving up any time soon. You can find the Team Liquid store here for all of their current merchandise, and you can follow their Twitter here for more Team Liquid apparel and esports news. For more esports culture news and content, click on our banner below! .

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