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After all three of North America’s representatives were fired from the 2020 League of Legends World Championship earlier this month, the discussion of how to improve the region has started again. But the problems might be more difficult to solve as they reach the roots of the region. In a recent interview with Team Liquid, the young AD carry Tactical star said he believes the biggest difference between the NA solo queue and other regions is the general lack of aggression and proactivity from players. . “China’s solo queue is much better in terms of proactivity,” I told me. “I feel like everyone is trying to fight and win and stand on their own, but I feel like in NA that’s not as often the case. This is the biggest difference I have noticed between solo queues in NA and other areas. Related: From The Academy To The Worlds: How Tactical Became One Of NA’s Emerging Stars The Top Reasons NA Teams Struggle To Find Great Success In International Tournaments. Teams from China and Europe are much more willing to snowball and put pressure on their opponents every step of the way. NA, however, prefers to move on and wait until the game is over. [playstyle] wouldn’t work in international events because you’re just going to be crushed against a really good team, ”Tactical said. “In my opinion, the best way to play League of Legends is to apply pressure if you can, as much as you can, and try to finish clean.” events like the Worlds. The quality of the solo queue in countries like China and Korea is superior to the NA experience, from the pace of each game to the level of each player. The practice is much more efficient in those areas, rather than consistently playing the same responsive, slow style that NA often opts in. Tactical was named the 2020 LCS Rookie of the Year in August. He helped Liquid qualify for the 2020 Worlds, where the team finished 3-3 in the group stage of the main event. Be sure to follow us on YouTube for more information and analysis on the sport.

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