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SypherPK breaks Fall Guys win streak record

  • Fall Guys is currently one of the most popular games, with several personalities trying their hand at it.
  • SypherPK recently released a Fall Guys video where he attempts to gain a win streak in the super fun game.

Fall Guys is the latest internet phenomenon which has dominated the gaming realm since it launched at the start of this month. The secret lies in its simplicity as the fun gameplay, supplemented by vibrant visuals, have made for a winning combination.

In a world full of biggies like Fortnite and Call of Duty, the growth of Fall Guys has been unprecedented as it finds an increasing number of takers with each passing day.

One of the popular names to have hopped on to the Fall Guys bandwagon is Fortnite loyalist Ali ‘SypherPK‘ Hassan, who seems to be loving every bit of what Mediatonic’s marvel has to offer.

He recently released a Fall Guys video where he tries to break the world record for the most squad wins in a row. Was he successful? Read on to find out.

SypherPK breaks records in Fall Guys

Announcing his squad, consisting of NICKMERCSAidenCloakzy and himself, SypherPK heads into a memorable Fall Guys marathon. In the first round, NICKMERCS emerges victorious after narrowly edging out a competitor in a chicken attire.

In a second-round game of Moving Walls, SypherPK almost gets eliminated by a pigeon and exclaims:

I’m being held…he’s focussing me please get him alone..i’ll tell you the pigeon has murderous intent! I nearly died like six times because of him!

He continues to get ‘bullied’ by pigeons but holds his own and ekes out a victory much to the others’ delight. NICKMERCS continues to rake up the victories as Sypher takes revenge for his previous ‘mistreatment’ on a competitor dressed as a Pineapple, by throwing him overboard.

In the 4th round, SypherPK scores a stunning goal while playing defence from his own half to take his squad into the final round. In a final game of Grabbing Tails, they extend their streak to 4 in a row, with Aiden grabbing the final win.

It’s certainly heartening to see a streamer like SypherPK thoroughly enjoying himself with his squad, considering how he addressed the fact that he misses what Fortnite used to be and that most of his friends had shifted to streaming other games.

With this, Fall Guys continues to be the biggest game in terms of popularity right now.

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