Suning issues $ 15 million in coupons for World Cup semi-final victory, TES-Fnatic Fight breaks 2020 World Cup audience record

The League of Legends World Championship (2020 Worlds) ended its brutal knockout stage last week. Four teams, Suning Esports (SN), G2 Esports, TOP Esports (TES) and Damwon Gaming, entered the semi-finals, while Fnatic, JingDong Gaming, Gen.G Esports and DragonX were eliminated. For League of Legends Pro League (LPL) audiences, the competitions between SN and JDG and TES and Fnatic have drawn the most attention. On the one hand, SN is seen as an outsider, and SN and JDG are owned by Chinese e-commerce giants. Before the competition, the two e-commerce giants began their Internet marketing battle. TES is the top seed of the LPL, while Fnatic has a massive fan base in China. The star players of both teams, Yu “Jackeylove” Wenbo and Martin “Rekkles” Larsson met in the 2018 Worlds final (Invictus Gaming vs Fnatic). Among the major business stories of the esports industry in China: Suning Esports issued US $ 15 million e-commerce vouchers to Suning users to celebrate their victory over JingDong Gaming in the Worlds knockout stage 2020; TOP Esports vs Fnatic broke the current 2020 Worlds audience record and helped Xiao Yang go viral in the League of Legends community; The Weibo TS Kings Honor Team signed a non-endemic partnership agreement with Zi Hai Guo; and Perfect World were planning to host a $ 200,000 Dota 2 competition called the Perfect World Dota 2 League (PWL). Suning Issues $ 15 Million In Ecommerce Vouchers To Celebrate Suning Esports Win Credit: People Esports Last week’s knockout stage was arguably the cruelest and most exciting time at Worlds 2020 to date. October is an important month for Chinese e-commerce companies as they typically use the entire month of October to prepare for the “Double 11 shopping festival” (like Black Friday in the West). For people who work for Chinese e-commerce platforms Jing Dong and Suning, the competition between Suning Esports (SN) and JingDong Gaming (JDG) was not just for entertainment, as one of the organizations would end to its Worlds After Best marketing campaign. of five games. On October 10, Jing Dong announced its esports marketing plans on the JingDong hardware area, targeting JDG and Worlds fans: If JDG wins the 2020 Worlds, the company would refund the October 15 product balance payment to the date on which JDG wins Worlds or be eliminated. If one of the LPL teams won the 2020 World Cup, the company would issue 100 million “Jing Dong beans” to Jing Dong users. (1000 beans equals 1 RMB) Italian football team FC Internazionale Milano (Inter Milan) is also owned by Suning. Ahead of the competition, Inter Milan stepped up their social media interaction with SN. Kangyang Zhang, vice president of Suning and chairman of Inter Milan, also encouraged SN players on Weibo social media. After SN won, Zhang expressed his pleasure with the result on Weibo and said the company will issue 100 million ($ 15 million) e-commerce vouchers and 1,000 free opportunities to Suning users from October 16 to 16. October. 23. Free vouchers and opportunities can only be used for the purchase of PCs, hardware, smartphones and digital products on Suning. TES vs Fnatic Breaks Worlds 2020 Viewership Records Credit: lolesports / Fnatic The best of five games between LPL TOP Esports (TES) and LEC Fnatic team created a milestone in Worlds history – the first comeback of ‘a 2-2 deficit after a three-game winning streak by TES. Following the victory, TES announced a sponsorship deal with Apple headphone brand Beats By Dre. The mark was also featured on the right shoulder of the team’s jerseys. Additionally, TES vs Fnatic has broken the 2020 World Cup audience record so far with a peak viewership of 2.42 million, across several major live streaming platforms including Twitch and Youtube, according to Esports Charts. . Audience figures for DouYu, Huya and Bilibili in China have not been recorded. The competition also boosted a Chinese food brand that went viral on the internet. During the competition, starving Fnatic players ate Chinese fried pork buns prepared by Xiao Yang and were accidentally caught live. This capture went viral in the community after TES won. Xiao Yang has a 20-year history as a food brand in Shanghai. Some LPL fans joked that Xiao Yang saved the TES and LPL teams in the Worlds. There was also a discussion about whether esports players should eat foods high in oil while competing. Xiao Yang also noted this situation as a marketing opportunity, due to the massive internet traffic and the voices of the League of Legends community. The company produced two “eSports and League of Legends special meals” on its food delivery page the day after the competition. Xiao Yang is neither the LPL nor the 2020 World Cup sponsor. The Weibo TS Kings Honor Team joins forces with the instant catering brand Zi Hai Guo Credit: Weibo TS On October 19, the Chinese team of Honor of Kings Weibo TS announced that the team has partnered with instant food brand Zi Hai Guo. The brand will become Weibo TS’s global partner and the logo will appear on the left chest of the team jerseys. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Weibo TS has a franchise place in China’s largest honor of kings competition, King Pro League (KPL). In August, Chinese social media company Weibo acquired TS Gaming and renamed it Weibo TS. Prior to the acquisition, TS won the $ 4.6M Honor of Kings World Champion Cup and took home $ 1.93M in cash prizes. Other e-commerce news: Credit: Perfect World On October 20, esports organization FunPlus Phoenix announced that the organization had opened its Call of Duty Mobile esports division. On October 18, the China Dota 2 Association (CDA) announced that the organization has partnered with online tournament organizer Fuming Wenhe to host a Dota 2 competition called CDA-FDC, featuring seven major teams. Chinese Dota 2 with a ¥ 600K ($ 90K) total prize pool. On October 20, Chinese game publisher Perfect World announced it will host its $ 200,000 Perfect World Dota 2 League (PWL), starting October 28. The competition will take place over three seasons with a relegation system. However, a scheduling conflict between CDA-FDC and PWL has arisen and at the time of writing, all of the Chinese Dota 2 Association teams have declined the Perfect World Season 1 invitation.

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