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Suning defeated TOP Esports today in the 2020 League of Legends World Championship semi-finals with a score of 3-1. Le “SofM” Quang Duy was the most important piece of Suning’s puzzle for this victory, wearing each match with different choices. He played Lee Sin, Shen, and Jarvan in Suning’s victories, always focusing on utility-oriented builds to ensure his litters are protected and he’s a good front line for his team. the LPL started with Suning taking the lead. Even though they botched a first dive against TES, they kept their cool and continued to evolve into the later stages of the game. TES was close to the point of Dragon Soul, but SofM had none of it as it was going. challenging each objective towards the later stages of the game. His stamina was what helped Suning return to the game and win the series opener. Game two was the reverse of the first with Suning gaining an early lead and dragons and TES putting an end to their Dragon Soul. With all the resources invested in Ocean Dragon Soul and failing to acquire it, Suning wasted a lot of time and TES took advantage of it. TES stabilized the game and then went on to defeat Suning in the next team fights to tie the series, and a surprise choice of Shen by SofM caught TES off guard in Game 3 of the series. The pick matches Suning’s makeup perfectly, refusing all of TES’s choices once he gets his ultimate. SofM looked stunning and managed to lead his team to victory, putting the series in match point in his team’s favor.The last game was the closest with both teams investing a lot of resources from the start in the bottom part. A three-minute gank jungler quickly turned into a four-on-four team fight that Suning emerged victorious from. TES didn’t falter after that pressure from the start of the game and JackeyLove did well to get his base items alongside enemy Ezreal who took the lead early on. team fight for Dragon Soul. This allowed Suning to stabilize the game and decide the pace to come. The game ended in a massive team fight with Suning taking out all of TES ‘members and ending the series. Suning will face DAMWON Gaming for the World Championship title next week on Saturday, October 31. Tune in at 5am CT to see who emerges victorious in this year’s LPL vs. LCK title fight.

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