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Was last modified: October 20, 2020 5:05 AM amEsports Ray’s spoiler-free Amnesia: Rebirth Walkthrough will walk you through every step of Amnesia: Rebirth, from the title screen to the final credits. However, unlike the full walkthrough, this guide will rely on tips instead of including all the puzzle solutions, tips and tricks, and the multiple endings of the game. Scroll down to see the objectives and tips from each location to help you. If you need a more detailed walkthrough, click or tap the area title to see the full walkthrough. Objective Tip Find the cave Stick in the shade to avoid being in the sun Objective Tip Find Salim After reading his first note, he will leave several torn journal pages to guide you through the caves Objective Tip Find a way out Follow the lights and use your amulet will guide you through this area Objective Tip Keep searching for Salim No warning Objective Tip Find the rest of your team None Objective Tip Find a way to access the radio Keep the hallways around you lit up. The light keeps you sane. Repair the elevator. Examine the papers on the ground to see what is missing Find a way to break the ground Find what is missing from the cannon Objective Tip Gather ingredients to make ammunition Read the notes lying around The arsenalObjective Tip Find a way out monstersObjective Tip Try to reach your teamNoneObjective Tip Reach the riftThe triangular device has more than one useObjective Tip Find a way outNoneObjective Tip Find a way to make the portal work The puzzle is similar to [[The Orb Puzzle|the orb puzzle]]of [[the Alchemist’s Chambers]]Find new Leyden Jars Take the voucher with you when you go looking The Hunting Ground Objective Hint Escape the Maze Use the lights, flames and trigger plates on the ground to find your way Get the second Leyden Jar None Objective Hint Return to the portal Move it you quietly and use your matches to light your way Objective Tip Find a path in the next room Use all triangular devices Objective Tip Choose to help Amari or not If you help him use the diagrams on the wall to figure out how to operate the chair Take the shuttle No Objective Tip Get Up To The Rift Avoid the light of the floating monsterObjective Tip Find your coworkersNoneObjective Tip Chase Doctor MetzierNoneObjective Tip Find AmariIf you choose to take him with you, use the plants that grow from the ground as coverVisit the Amnesia: Rebirth Endi page ngs to see the alternate endings.

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