Shinji Mikami Reflects On Creating Resident Evil In New Documentary

To celebrate their 30th anniversary working in the video game industry, the Archipel documentary team released an in-depth interview with Shinji Mikami, best known for making the first Resident Evil and Resident Evil 4. In the nearly 40 video minutes, Mikami brings up Capcom’s refusal when he applied, to be hired there a week later, for behind-the-scenes information on the making of the Resident Evil series and what makes it a good survival horror game. Check out the documentary below. One of the more interesting pieces of information concerns Mikami’s camera trivia from the first Resident Evil game. Originally, Mikami said, he envisioned the game in first person, adding that he thought the prospect of the camera was “scary.” However, at the time, Capcom was still inexperienced with 3D technology, and because of this, the team couldn’t get the graphics in the game to match what Mikami had in mind. “The project was in danger if we continued in this direction,” he said. However, when Mikami saw the first Alone in the Dark game, he said he thought doing Resident Evil with pre-rendered backgrounds might work, although that meant the game would have to be third-person with a fixed camera. It’s a movement he still doesn’t like. “At the end of the day, a lot of players told me they thought this sight was what made the game scarier,” Mikami said. “I was really embarrassed. I am still told to this day: ‘It was so good.’ What I say was just a workaround. Proof of this in Resident Evil 4, the camera is over the shoulder, which shows that you can enjoy the horror by being like it’s rc. It was also more immersive and playable. I wanted revenge by making Resident Evil 4. “Archipel has been producing premium documentaries about Japanese creators since 2015. If you enjoyed Mikami’s, be sure to check out the team’s interview with Akira Yasuda, l one of the key artists behind the Street Fighter series and a developer who rarely talks. to squeeze. The next Resident Evil game, Resident Evil Village, is due out next year on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S and PC. latest trailer for the game here.

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