Season 2 Of NBA 2K21 MyTeam Now Available On Current-Gen Consoles

Hope your MyTeam is ready, as 2K Games has announced that Season 2 is here, bringing with it a variety of new content. The Grinders will be able to win a new level 40 Grand Prize: the Blake Griffin Pink Diamond. How are you going to get there? First, the new Triple Threat challenges for one player. This 3v3 mode will let you take on some of the best combinations of basketball greats, with new victory conditions and challenge rules that will require you to change your team lineup. Along with the challenges of the Triple Threat, a distinctive Vince Carter challenge. Carter chose to recreate his Jan. 8, 2006 game against the Toronto Raptors where he sank a total of three and 42 points. Successfully relive his great game and you will walk away with 15 tokens and a Hall of Fame badge. Vince Carter’s in-game debut means you’ll have to play him in the game, and you can acquire his card with the code “VINCE-CARTER-GAME-WINNER”. Finally, new calendar groups, with many new milestones to do, and the return of MyTeam Limited with the top Los Angeles Laker ring prize and other unique awards. 2K is offering over 40 new reward cards this season, so players can start working on them today.

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