ScreaM and Reyna form the deadliest combination in European Valorant

  • Team Liquid pro ScreaM is, by far, the best Reyna player in European Valorant.
  • ScreaM has been popping off with Reyna in the Valorant Allied Esports Odyssey tournament.

When it comes to Valorant’s professional scene, Reyna isn’t exactly a meta pick. Out of all the duelists, she and Raze are two of the least picked Agents in the game, and it’s only in the lower tiers that they are the more popular choices.

In solo/queue and games outside the professional stage, Reyna is one of the most-picked Agents. Her aggressive abilities make her quite a fun pick, and her ‘high risk, high reward’ sort of playstyle is what Valorant fans love the most.

However, her kit hardly does much for the rest of the squad. She does come with a bit of crowd control (Leer), but compared to picks like Sova, Jett, Brimstone, Sage and Omen, her ‘feast or famine’ nature acts as more of a detriment than a boon for the team.

It’s very hard to make her synergise with what your team is trying to do, and this is the biggest reason why professional teams shy away from using her. 

With that said, there is one ‘headshot god’ who has been successful in using her to perfection on the professional stage. 

Team Liquid’s Adil ‘ScreaM’ Benrlitom is slowly proving himself to be one of the deadliest Reyna players in Europe. The ‘one-tap machine’ has been tearing up the servers on the Valorant professional circuit, and in the recent Allied Esports Odyssey, he absolutely popped off on the Agent.

Reyna and ScreaM: A match made in ‘Fragging Heaven’

Reyna is the hardest Agent to synergise with the team, but ScreaM is able to make her work with the rest of the squad with absolute ease.

He has impeccable timings on her ability usage and shows a lot of restraint on Reyna’s ult usage by not going trigger-happy every time it’s up. We can actually see how his playstyle matches Reyna’s kit in the recent Allied Esports Odyssey. Advertisement

He was the top fragger in the majority of the game and had some of the most brilliant 1vX clutch moments against both BBL and Giants Gaming.

However, against G2 Esports in the group stage, the first map Ascent didn’t go all that well for him, and his Reyna ended up with just 9 kills on the map.

Snap From Valorant Allied Esports Odyssey
Snap From Valorant Allied Esports Odyssey

G2 even went on to tweet about how irrelevant ScreaM was for the entirety of Ascent in a very typical G2-esque way.

However, ScreaM came back on the second map of Haven and single-handedly clapped G2 for a dominating victory.

Snap From Valorant Allied Esports Odyssey
Snap From Valorant Allied Esports Odyssey

He had an incredible 31 kill scoreline and G2 had to eat their words in a follow-up tweet

However, Team Liquid did lose out to G2 in the semi-finals of the Valorant Allied Esports Odyssey, and the latter went on to win the whole thing.

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