Rocket Arena Review – Ballistic Banality

Rocket Arena is another offering in the world of third-person hero shooters, a 3v3 experience with multiple modes that all involve the same basic concept: you blast the other team with bursts of rockets! Rockets have been popular guns in shooters for decades, and here you can climb the wall, rocket jump, and launch yourself into the arena. With mundane heroes, cool maps, and rapidly aging gameplay, Rocket Arena is a mixed experience in a world awash with offers all vying for player attention. Heroes are an essential part of any hero shooter game, but none of their designs resonated with me. There’s a Mermaid Girl, a guy with a newborn dinosaur, a pirate man, and other junk from a theoretical Nickelodeon cartoon lineup. Their loads are more interesting; they each have interesting variations on rockets, whether you like quick-firing mini rockets, bouncing rockets, or sniper scope rockets. Along with your main rocket style, you have special skills and active dodge, the latter of which is a timing skill test that you can master after handling the rest of your kit. All matches are 3v3 and include modes in which you score goals like a sporting event, try to hold a specific area while moving around the map, try to collect the most coins, or just get your opponents out of the way. ‘arena. The scavenger hunt game and football-inspired mode are slightly different from the rest of the offerings, but not in a good way. Rocketball can leave you completely oblivious to what goes on before a goal is scored, and the scavenger hunt feels like a unique board game event that is jarring to the rest of the artillery game, running to pick up pieces like a fast paced platform game. The arenas themselves are quite small, resembling mini-theme parks with unique mechanics for playing, like a train running through a mountain canyon. They are well designed, promote a lot of action, and have more personality than the heroes themselves. I picked Topnotch as my favorite hero, an old salt of the earth rocketeer that features bouncing rockets, line artillery strike, and a huge lockdown blast that’s great for area denial and blasting multiple enemies. in a single keystroke. . While I enjoy Topnotch more than the other characters, playing Rocket Arena is quickly becoming a reality. The moment to moment traveling through each arena, exploding with rockets ad nauseam and splashing your abilities during the cooldown loses its luster and becomes monotonous. Mystery Boxes try to add a bit of flash and flavor to each round but fail. Each match has an assortment of bombs, boosts, and other bonuses that you can grab from random boxes. Bonuses make it seem like they should be big, but most of the time you toss / trigger them and go about your business as usual. The ephemeral fun factor does not remain from one match to the next. It’s cool for a few laps, but there’s a serious reluctance to come back for more. Rocket Arena is a competent game with a clear idea of ​​what a 3v3 rocket match should be like from a technical standpoint, but it stealthily struggles to find an entertaining hook to keep players coming back. In today’s world of countless shooters, it is destined to be forgotten.

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