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Riot to Fix VALORANT Micro-stuttering “Later This Week” | Esports Ray

Image via Riot Games Last week’s mini-patch wreaked havoc on VALORANT, resulting in micro-stuttering and inexplicable lag. should address the “hitch problems” that some players are having. Players in all divisions, from Iron to Radiant, have complained of micro-stuttering when being shot in the head or killed. This seems to happen randomly throughout the game, but it’s more important during combat. The fix, according to Riot, will not “fix every instance of the problem,” but the developers “are looking for solutions and working to resolve it as soon as possible.” A fix is ​​coming later this week that should fix some hitch issues some players are experiencing. This patch will not fix all instances of the issue, but we are actively researching solutions and working to resolve it as soon as possible.— VALORANT (@PlayVALORANT) October 20, 2020 The bug coincided with the launch of VALORANT’s frozen map, Icebox , which led to the release of the game’s final agent, Skye, on Tuesday, October 27. Another bug, which some players reported in the past month, caused a lag when walking on corpses. Whether Riot will address this issue in the patch remains to be seen, but it could be in the developers’ crosshairs.

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