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It looks like the Reaver Collection is about to make a comeback in Riot’s Valorant tactical shooter. The skin bundle was initially available for purchase during the Closed Beta, but was removed from the store later. A recent tweet from the developers of Valorant including a cryptic message appears to indicate the return of the Reaver Collection to the game. In the Tweet, Riot asked fans to “Decode This” by attaching the message with a mysterious image with a few words written on it. in several languages. When translated, the words seem to say: “I am coming back”. What further fuels speculation is that the image includes the same range as seen when aiming with the Reaver Vandal. According to Valorant Leaks on Twitter, the Reaver collection will be a Halloween surprise for fans, and it will even be “new and improved.” “They will be new and improved.” Indeed, a few updates ago, I spotted “SoulStealerV2”, Soul Stealer was the code name for Reaver.— Valorant Leaks (@ValorLeaks) October 23, 2020 In addition to this collection, the next update will also introduce new Agent Skye to Valorant. Follow us –

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