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Riot does not have ETA for VALORANT in-game rankings | Esports Ray

Image via Riot Games The rating scale has always been one of the most important areas game developers need to work on. Although Riot Games has implemented a ranked mode for VALORANT players, game director Joe Ziegler today confirmed that the company does not have a set date for the availability of ranked rankings in the game. way to follow their progress in the standings by comparing themselves to the rest of the peloton. This is one of the best ways to get people to squeal as they will want to beat certain people in their games, for those of you who want in-game leaderboards we are currently working on this feature (surprise face) ! We don’t have an ETA yet, but we are working on it. We will update you when we get closer to landing. – Ziegler (@RiotZiegler) October 20, 2020 League of Legends, for example, uses a ranked leaderboard to show people where they stand among the millions of players in their region. At the highest levels of play, leaderboarding is the best way to push the most talented players to win or strive for the top 100. In fact, Riot today released VALORANT’s Top 100 Leaderboards for Europe and North America. There were a lot of popular faces at the top, but there are also some lesser known people who make the climb. Really seeing where they stand among the best, it might push them to fight even harder for a top position. this level of play. There are a lot of unknown and raw talent that haven’t had a chance to shine because they are not seen at all. Riot said in-game leaderboards will arrive in the third act of VALORANT, but the fans probably don’t want to. wait too long.

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