Respawn Plans Double XP Event To Make Up For Faster End Of Apex Season 6 | Dot Esports

Screenshot via Respawn EntertainmentRespawn plans to host a double XP event for Apex Legends soon, according to game director Chad Grenier. The extra experience is aimed at helping players complete the Battle Pass after Respawn shortens the length of Season Six by one week. “We hope to close the gap [in battle pass progression] with increased XP at the end of the season, ”Grenier wrote. “We are planning double XP for the end of the season as we are cutting the time by a few days,” he said in another comment. “Sorry, we missed the communication,” he wrote. “It was a bit of a misstep on our part trying to sort out some things with Fight or Fright and Season 7.” Respawn has brought the launch of the next season of Apex forward by a week but has not explicitly notified players. The studio only changed the countdown in the in-game season six hub. Data miner Shrugtal yesterday confirmed the updated launch schedule with information from the game’s files. bitter for Apex fans. This means that there will be a shorter wait until Season Seven, but also less time to complete the current Battle Pass. Season Seven is set to release on the evening of November 4, just one day after the end of the Halloween themed Fight or Fright event. . The double XP event will likely encompass the final days of season six.

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