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Proudly sponsored by tournament provider, seeks to shine the spotlight on some smaller communities by letting them host their events on the platform in the Community Spotlight series. Content creators, streamers, or small communities like Discord groups that play or have communities in Call of Duty, Fortnite, League of Legends, or Dota 2 can apply for a place on This will include a set of other perks, such as prize pools ranging from $ 250 to $ 2000. knows that some streamers and content creators have gotten big by being hosted and shouted out by bigger creators, which is why the platform wants to give back while providing tournament opportunities for other players. on the official Google form to apply or yell at someone you know who streams or creates content for Fortnite, Warzone, or Dota 2 that could use a little push. staff will review each submission, and lucky creators will have the chance to get their name known in front of thousands of people in the Community Spotlight series. Each person selected from among the nominees will receive the following benefits: Custom tournament graphics resources $ 250 in prizes for seven-day events with 2,000 participants May place a personalized video as a prerequisite for player registration Links and social media promoted in the tournament Other opportunities Advertising in other tournaments A Social Spotlight post on socials Announcement on the Discord server These events will be selected weekly, with prize pools ranging from $ 250 to $ 2000 depending on the size of the event and the type of tournament used. Repeat is an online tournament platform where you can compete for real money and prizes in your favorite video games without using any third-party software. Simply connect your game ID, enter a tournament, and play the game as you normally would. There are certain requirements for apps to be taken seriously, but urges anyone over the age of 13 to at minus removing a Twitch link and a brief description of their event, even if you don’t meet the other requirements. Here are all of the requirements recommends creators meet before applying. Must broadcast three to four days per week and must mention the streaming tournament if selected. You should also post at least one YouTube video per week. Minimum of 50 simultaneous viewers on Twitch or more than 500 average views per YouTube video Must complete the Google form (available on the website or in the Discord) Or respond to social media with your Twitch link or YouTube. Being 13 years old This is the only rule of thumb. If you feel you are exceeding these minimum requirements, contact or wait for a response to your form submission or social media post. will periodically check all entries and the selected people will be contacted.

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