Red Dead Online Halloween Event Lets Loose Zombies

Red Dead Online is the latest game to get into the Halloween spirit, so naturally that means the zombies are crushing the party. From new horse masks to a Zavala machete, things are getting scarier and scarier in the good old Old West. The new update adds a new Halloween pass that allows you to equip unique items for 20 ranks. From Halloween-inspired costumes to spooky new weapon looks, there are many ways to celebrate this October holiday. For naturalists, the Halloween event provides the opportunity to track down the nocturnal panther as well as the albino ghost panther. A new mode is also added with the Halloween update and brings zombies. Called Dead of Night, the new mode is a type of 4v4 deathmatch game that will task cowboys to fight and survive against waves of zombies. But it wouldn’t be PvP if it was just against zombies; players will also have to survive against the opposing team. For those who wish to opt for the purchasable upgrade to the Halloween Pass, here’s what’s included in this pack which is available through November 16 (courtesy of Rockstar): Unique and Seasonal Personal Effects Moonshine Gothic Renovation Bar Mystical Full Weapon Variations New Photo Mode Reward Filters Unannounced Extras The Red Dead Online Halloween event is available starting today and will run through November 16. What do you think of the latest event and the new Pass to arrive in Red Dead Online? Shout those thoughts in the comments section below out loud!

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