PUBG MOBILE Version 1.0 official patch notes released.

The programmers have released the patch notes of this PUBG Mobile 1.0 upgrade.
PUBG Mobile 1.0 upgrade will probably be rolled out worldwide on September 8, 2020.
Tencent Games, the developer of PUBG Mobile, is willing to roll the 1.0 upgrade of this match to September 8. The most recent variant will bring with itself the brand new Erangel 2.0 map, past ACE themed gameplay, assorted Evo Ground additions, plus even more.

The programmers have released the patch notes of this PUBG Mobile 1.0 upgrade. The servers won’t be removed for maintenance, and the upgrade will need roughly 1 GB of additional storage area on the Android and iOS apparatus.

Here are the official patch notes of this PUBG Mobile 1.0 upgrade:

All-new Visuals changes like updated the skies, land, water, and plant to be realistic and more thorough
altered the construction of a few buildings: Mylta Power, Quarry, Prison, etc.
New PUBG Mobile Map Components
Additional trenches, wooden barricades, abandoned tanks, and structures as cover produce a more persuasive fight air across Erangel that will make new strategies and approaches potential.
Load up to 7 rounds to get an outstanding close-quarters fight encounter.
It may be outfitted with all the Shotgun Muzzle or Bullet Loop attachment and is presently the most effective Shotgun to use in battle.
Ammo may be manually reloaded, which permits all to adapt to crises that may catch you by surprise.
Appears on Livik about the Timeless Battle Royale Map and Arena, Together with other shotguns.
Past A.C.E.-Themed Gameplay

Some mystical Energy Towers lived the Implosion and stayed on Erangel. Players will have the ability to redeem equipment at such Energy Towers by fulfilling certain conditions in battle.
Throughout the case, players have an opportunity to enter this manner throughout Erangel matchmaking in Classic Mode.
Completely equipped vehicles, including the brand new armed aircraft, will offer huge firepower for you and your squad. Pick out the base and locate the new Super Weapon Crates to acquire heavy weaponry and fresh, strong products. Last, the Advanced Communication Towers allow players to remember defeated teammates who will turn the conflict’s tide.
New objects: UAV control, man-portable radar, bomb lawsuit.
Increased and enlarged the reach of audiences’ enemy prominence detection.
Completely updated technology alternatives, and also added a punishment approach to target the most recent plug-ins/cheaters.
Improved the procedure and tools for your launch and launch of this safety policy to respond and fight new hacks faster rapidly.
Enriched the effect of security tracking on functionality, and decreased energy intake and lag brought on by safety tracking.
Improved skin flaws and facial information for gamers’ personality versions in PUBG Mobile.
It increased the precision of hair players’ personalities to make it seem more layered and natural.
Fundamental Improvements:

Most mobile models are now able to support PUBG Mobile in 90 FPS.
Produced improvements to target a lag problem that’s triggered the first time a player hits another player in the conflict.
Better transitions involving standing and crouching.
The utilization of Med Kits ends when the controller is pushed to the sprint position.
A gyroscope is currently also employed when utilizing throwables.
After Jump After, see angles can be altered by swiping the ideal side of this display.
Increased Hybrid Truck version, with the decreased cutting of tires with spectacle.

Firing removes invincibility from PUBG Mobile Arena Mode.
Improved the slipping action in Arena so that players may alter the direction of slipping dependent on the way they’re moving when they slip.

There are currently different settings for Lobby and Combat pictures.
Cheer Park: Coaching Ground Updates

For enhanced training, the Training Grounds update gives each participant a single Coaching Ground to hone their own abilities.
Added target-shooting, throwing, and training exercises of varying issues are offered in the Training Grounds.
Going into the Training Grounds has transformed –players enter from Cheer Park.
The building to the left of this goal scope at Cheer Park has completed the installation!
Players may join with other people at Cheer Park and revel in battle inside the recently completed arrangement, or see duels outside.
Island at the Lake in Cheer Park

An amorous manicured island was added into the lake of Cheer Park, along with the Hot Air Balloon was relocated close to the island.
The island is going to soon be decorated with all types of amorous fittings like a two-seater swing along with a romantic vessel, which couples are certain to appreciate!
Input alone and combat waves of creatures. The construction is translucent, so other players can observe you duke it out from those vicious creatures.
Rankings will reveal where gamers stand compared to other people on exactly the exact same island.
Cheer Park Halloween (accessible from October 23)

When the Dragon Training Earth is unlocked in Cheer Park, the Halloween year will bring even more changes. Players that enter the Training Earth will have to repel waves of creatures in a brand new foggy nighttime atmosphere.
After gamers complete protecting themselves against the critters, the score that they acquire will be exhibited on the Training Earth Rankings.
Throughout Halloween, Cheer Park and other places will have Halloween decorations.

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