PUBG Mobile unban unlikely to happen any time soon: Report

  • The favorite game was suspended from the nation on 2nd September because of safety reasons.

This unprecedented movement jolted the entire PUBG Mobile community, as it enjoyed a significant player base and an excellent esports scene from the nation, and the whole world.

Only a couple of days following the ban, a beam of hope surfaced when PUBG Corporation declared that they no longer authorized the PUBG Mobile franchise at India into Tencent Games, also were searching for a regional Indian partner to manage publishing work.

Nonetheless, in a new blow to the game’s lovers, a report by Inside Sports countries any PUBG Mobile unban from the nation might not occur soon.

PUBG Mobile unban unlikely to occur anytime soon: Report

The report by Interior Sport added the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology is in no rush to reverse the ban on almost any illegal Chinese programs. This proves that the lack of Tencent Games’ publishing rights wasn’t sufficient for its PUBG Mobile’s return in India.

“There is not any discussion over the ministry, formally, to reverse bans on some of the programs listed in the ban list. We’ll avoid making any comment on any particular business or app.”
The report further added that no representation was made to date from PUBG Corporation or any other relevant company’s official into the ministry to revoke the match’s ban.

Additionally, talks about retracting the ban imposed on Chinese programs haven’t been initiated yet. This upgrade has reduced the odds of PUBG Mobile coming back anytime soon.

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