PUBG Mobile:  New roster announcement for PMPL Season 2 South Asia by Nova Godlike 

  • • Team Nova-Godlike has finally revealed their new roster for the much-awaited event.
  • Nova-Godlike managed entry to PMPL Season 2 with a direct invitation from PMPL SA Spring Split: League Stage.

PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Season 2 South Asia will start very soon.

 As a result, most of the teams are shuffling their rosters to get the best players in their squad.

Team Nova-Godlike has announced its new team for this event. To everyone’s surprise, the squad consists of two unexpected substitutes. The team members are as follows:

1. NovaGL Rayed – Syed Rayed Shah

2. NovaGL Kronten – Chetan Chandgude

3. NovaGL Smokie – Shekhar Patil

4. NovaGL Hastar – Gopal Gajanand Sarda

5. NovaGL Aladin – Taha Khamkar

6. NovaGL Vampire – Eleen Raj

On Aug 20, 2020:A post was shared by NovaGodlike (@novagodlike) at 2:05 am PDT

So far, there has been no official announcement regarding the schedule or dates of PMPL Season 2 South Asia as the format allows twelve directly invited teams from PMPL SA Spring Split League Stage and twelve more teams from PMCO India PMCO Pakistan and PMCO SA Fall Split.

Nova-Godlike has gained its entry to PMPL Season 2 as a directly invited team from PMPL SA Spring Split: League Stage.

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