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PUBG Mobile: MK14 Damage, skin, stats & best attachments  

  • The MK14 is genuinely one of the most deadly weapons that are available in PUBG Mobile.
  • This firearm’s severe damage and rare Designated Marksman Rifle makes it the most feared weapon in the game.

Designated Marksman Rifles (DMRs) are strategic weapons in PUBG Mobile. 

They are like mini-versions of popular sniper rifles, with a few features of assault weapons. They offer quick single shots and excellent accuracy.

DMRs are very versatile, and players can utilize them in long, medium, and short-range fights. These guns have above average damage numbers, which easily surpasses assault rifles whereas fall short compared to snipers.

In this article, we will cover the basics of the MK14, one of the rarest DMRs in the game.

MK14 in PUBG Mobile: Introduction and statistics

The MK14 is a rare ‘Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR)’ in the game, available exclusively from drops. It has impressive hit damage of 61, which qualifies it for the most deadly damage out of any DMR in PUBG Mobile. 

This weapon utilizes the 7.62mm ammunition type and has a primary default magazine size of ten rounds. The MK14 has a superb bullet speed of 853 m/s and a respectable fire rate of 0.090 seconds.

The few disadvantages of this gun include its lengthy reload time of 3.683 seconds and small magazine size. This DMR also has high vertical and horizontal recoil, which makes it difficult to control. As this is a drop-exclusive rare weapon, this means there are other better alternatives in the game.

The MK14 has minimal skin options. The Season 11 skin is trendy and can be unlocked by reaching the Diamond tier and playing five matches.

The best attachments for this weapon include an extended quick draw mag for faster reloads, a compensator to reduce horizontal and vertical recoil, and a 20-round magazine. A 6x scope is the perfect sight that Pubg players can get for this gun, along with a cheek pad as stock for reducing weapon sway and vertical recoil by twenty percent.

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