PUBG Mobile Lite Championship 2020 announced.

  • The 2020 PUBG Mobile Lite Championship features a prize pool of 5,00,000 INR.
  • Other details, including schedule, format and registrations will be revealed soon.

PUBG Mobile Lite India officials have announced the PUBG Mobile Lite Championship 2020. It’s not even been a month since the Battle of the Champions ended, and the officials have queued up more enjoyable events for the community. The 2020 championship will feature a prize pool of 5,00,000 INR.

For now, only the name and prize pool for the event have been announced, and the officials will be revealing information about the schedule, format and registration process soon.

Here is what the official social media announcement said:

“A new Challenge has arrived, grab your chance and prove yourself to lift the TROPHY! Get ready for PUBG Mobile Lite Championship 2020! Total prize pool INR 5,00,000! Stay tuned for more updates!”

The PUBG Mobile boom in 2018 managed to build up a massive audience in the mobile battle royale genre, and led to an ecosystem for PUBG Mobile Lite as well. Since then, the growth of the latter has been tremendous.

The lockdown period has also had quite an impact on the online entertainment sector, and mobile games are blowing up the charts almost on a monthly basis!

Battle of Champions PUBG Mobile Lite event a hit

Earlier, PUBG Mobile Lite Esports India had announced the Battle of the Champions tournament with a whopping 50K prize pool. Starting on 15th July, the open-to-all event gave a chance to even upcoming players, including those without an esports background, to fight for glory.

After multiple rounds of elimination, only 15 teams made their way from the semifinals to the finals. These teams were divided into five groups of three teams each. All groups battled against each other, and Team 2EZ4 Esports emerged as the champions with a dominant 132 points.

The winners showed great aggression with 36 kills, and consistent placement to notch 96 placement points Battle of the Champions Grand Finals. 2EZ4 were rewarded with 25,000 INR. Team Next Level & Bad Squad were rewarded with 15,000 INR and 10,000 INR, respectively, for finishing as the first and second runners-ups.

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