PUBG Mobile Global Championship to highlight player achievements with Esports Annual Awards 2020 | Dot Esports

Image via TencentTencent will be hosting an awards ceremony in the upcoming season zero of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC). It will be called the PUBG Mobile Esports Annual Awards and will recognize the best individual performances throughout the year. The rewards include the following: The Gunslinger: The player with the most kills, damage, and headshots in each game. Eagle Eye: The player who killed the sniper at the longest range. Grenade Master: The player with the most grenades Kills and KOs Field Medic: The player with the most rescues in each game The Survivor: The player who survives the longest and takes the least damage The Fan Favorite Player Global Championship MVP Tencent announced the 2020 PUBG Mobile Esports Awards in July. It rewards the players the best players of each tournament. The first season of the awards went to MVP for PMPL SEA, PMPL South Asia, PMPL Americas, PMWL season zero, and a fan favorite player. Current season two awards include MVPs for PMPL SEA, PMPL South Asia, PMPL Americas, EMEA League and fan favorite player of Season 2, PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season Zero kicks off in late November with 20 teams from around the world competing. It will feature a long championship stage from which the top 16 teams will advance to the final. The $ 2 million PMGC has the largest prize pool (excluding Peacekeeper Elite) for any event in PUBG Mobile Esports history.

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