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PUBG Mobile has revealed its very first virtual group named Power4. The group made their debut as four unique characters in PUBG Mobile and released their very first single titled “Nothing Bother Us”. PUBG Mobile has a history of music businesses since its launch. The very first music-related collaboration was seen when PUBG Mobile collaborated with Alan Walker to release a song called ‘On My Way’. The hit release was played in-game while driving for a long time and Alan Walker also performed live at the PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 Finals, Berlin. The next big collaboration has been between PUBG Mobile and Korean girl group Black Pink. This is the most recent collaboration that brought a wide range of Blackpink themed cosmetics into the game. The popular song named “Lovesick Girls” was also played in PUBG Mobile for a short while. PUBG Mobile’s next step in their musical journey has been remarkable as they have launched their own virtual group named Power4. The band includes Flame Lord as lead vocalist, Wraith Lord is bassist, Grave Lord is guitarist and Spike Demon is drummer. These four characters make their debut in the game with their latest single titled “Nothing’s Getting in Our Way”. To celebrate this launch, PUBG Mobile is giving players a chance to win these characters. All of these characters are available in a time-limited spin event. Also Read: PUBG Mobile May Return To India Soon

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