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PUBG Mobile and Jio partnership: Is Pubg Teams Up with Jio?

  • PUBG Mobile’s ban in India has enthusiasts awaiting the return of this match.
  • Based on recent reports, the PUBG Corp could talk with Reliance Jio to bring the match back to India.

Since the unlucky ban on PUBG Mobile from the government, fans of this mythical battle royale match are banking on the hope, it will shortly make a comeback into the nation. It’s no news that PUBG Mobile has popularized the battle royale genre into India’s mobile gaming sector.

Recent signs have shown that PUBG Mobile may come back to India shortly, mainly since the PUBG Corporation broke its affiliation with Tencent Games in India. According to ancient speculations, they’re on the watch for neighborhood partners to deliver the match back in India.

In this guide, we talk about all of the information that we have about PUBG Mobile’s potential return to India, and if Reliance Jio is going to have a critical part to play inside.

PUBG Mobile, Jio venture: We all know about the battle royale’s possible unban at India
For that reason, it’s of no surprise that the company is in a rush to find the match unbanned in India.

Based on recent reports, the South Korean firm, PUBG, could talk with Reliance Jio to bring the match back to India. Considering that the government’s objection, together with the game, was the prospect of user information being leaked into the Chinese authorities through Tencent Games, partnering with Reliance Jio would answer all of the issues.

The Hindu Business Line recently talked with a supply that remarked, “The discussions have been in an early stage, which started just after the administration’s next round of bans. Officials from both sides are exercising the shapes of the way to structure several sides of the offer.”

“legal specialists from the sides are researching possibilities on how revenues should be divided, whether it’d be 50:50 or even Jio guaranteeing PUBG earnings based on a predetermined number of consumers each month,” another source added.

The potential partnership between both of these tech giants might be a blessing for those lovers of PUBG Mobile, that may view the return of their favorite battle royale game relatively soon. Over that, it may be the ideal chance for Reliance to break into India’s mobile gaming market and a means for PUBG Mobile to recover its players.

It’s still too premature to comment on whether the deal will finish in the not too distant future, as PUBG Corporation is also considering other choices.

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