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PT cannot be downloaded again on PS5, but there is still hope for backward compatibility – Esports Ray


PT will not be available for redownload on PS5, but Konami does not rule out that it will be playable on the next-gen console by other means. Speaking to GamesRadar, Konami has confirmed that those who own PT on PS4 will not be able to do so. Download the game directly to PS5, as it no longer exists on the PS Store. PT, an influential horror demo designed as a teaser for canceled Silent Hills, was pulled from the Store in 2015 after Konami’s director Hideo Kojima left; however, downloading PS4 games to PS5 is only one method. transfer of games from the current generation to the next. gen, with local Wi-Fi transfer and external storage both confirmed as ways to move compatible games from one generation to the next. That leaves open the possibility that PT will still be playable (and preserved on a new generation of consoles), and it’s a possibility Konami isn’t ruling out just yet. or deny whether the other methods will allow the game to be playable. Theoretically, a simple data transfer should work, but it’s currently unclear if the game will perform as expected on the new hardware. That said, Sony didn’t include PT in the short list of games that definitely won’t. backwards compatible on PS5. We reached out to Sony for comment on this and to find out if PT could work using data transfer methods. It’s another step in the messy timeline of PT and Silent Hills – a timeline that has helped transform the game into an urban legend of modern gaming. Joe Skrebels is Esports Ray’s News Editor. Follow him on Twitter. Any advice to give us? Want to discuss a possible story? Please send an email to newstips@ign.com.

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