PS5 Fan Will Use Software Updates To Continuously Improve Performance Using Game Data

The cooling fan has been a focal point when talking about Sony’s next-gen console with the PlayStation 5, and not just because its size is what makes this rig so bulky. But this hardware isn’t just an add-on, it will be supported by software to keep evolving it in a way that benefits PS5 gamers. In a recent interview, Sony’s Yasuhiro Ootori spoke about how the fan will use game updates to extract data to improve performance over time. Ootori is the head of mechanical design who led the charge in making sure next-gen technology is truly special. He was also the person in the now viral video of the ripped PS5 system and seeing how huge he is compared to him as a person. In the interview, Ootori revealed that the PS5 fan is controlled by the new system’s APU, its accelerated processing unit, and its combined AMD CPU / GPU chip for extra power. The performance seen at launch is not the final status, it will continually evolve as it collects data from games that will aim to optimize the fan itself and its interaction with the PS5 as a whole. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X systems are powerful, which is to be expected with any new generational upgrade. That being said, the newly revealed PS5 UI feels beyond amazing, so much so that we’ve broken down some of our favorite, game-changing features that are totally game-changing when it comes to the updated UI. As for when Sony kicks off its entry into the next generation, the PlayStation 5 will officially launch on November 12. Are you eager to step into a new era of gaming? What excites you the most? Give your opinion in the comments section below!

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