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PMPL Season 2 Thailand Week 4 overall standings.

  • Faze Clan are top of the PMPL Season 2 Thailand standings with 425 points
  • This PUBG Mobile tournament features a massive prize pool of $150,000.

The PUBG Mobile Pro League Thailand Week 4 has concluded successfully. On the final day of Week 4, some fan favourites made a comeback, while some heavyweights kept fighting for the top spot.

Overall standings after PMPL Season 2 Thailand Week 4 

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Team KOG, the team which was struggling at the 3rd page of the points table yesterday, has bounced back to the game by winning 2 matches on the final day.

The first match was played on Erangel and the third match played in Sanhok was won by KOG Club. Despite the poor performance in firstt three weeks, KOG ended up at a safe place by the end of fourth week. With 4 chicken dinners in 40 games, KOG Club is in 13th place in the points table. As of now, the team has collected a total of 287 points including 136 kills in the league.

The second match was played in Miramar and won by Tokio Striker. The team who once proved to be one of the favourites in the beginning weeks of the league was underperforming over the past two days.

Being the second highest kill points scorers, the team is back to action by Week 4. As of now, Tokio Striker has managed to grab 4 chicken dinners in 40 games. Also, the team is placed 5th in the points table with 176 kills and 371 points overall.

The fourth match was played in Vikendi was won by MiTH. Marking its 5th victory in 40 games, the team is back to the Top 5 rankings again. As of now, MiTH is placed at the 4th position with 171 kill points and 374 points in total. Although the Top 3 rankings are unchanged, MiTH is only 3 points away from replacing RRQ in the 3rd place anytime.

The fifth and the final match was played in Erangel and was won by Team Secret TH. After a continuous series of disastrous performances, the team was pushed back to the 3rd page of the points table. However, with a win in the last match, they seem pretty confident for the upcoming matches. As of now, Team Secret TH has managed to collect 255 points in total including 154 kills.

The top three giants seem pretty hard to be dealt with. Faze Clan, PW888 and RRQ Athena are currently placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd with 425 points, 412 points and 384 points, respectively.  

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