Phasmophobia Hackers Are Taking Over Lobbies, Modders Making It Even More Terrifying

Phasmophobia is already a pretty terrifying game that allows players to become true ghost hunters and face them against demons, specters, and angry spirits galore. What makes it even scarier is that it’s not an official update, rather the Phasmophobia pirates are taking over the game. The multiplayer lobby is full of modders who change the game experience to make it even more. more terrifying. As someone who recently aired this game with Dan Tack on the Game Informer Live show, my screams may be a testament to the dread of this title, so with modders falling into their own moments of fear? Yeah, sweetheart … The hacks are revealed via multiple streams on Twitch, showing modders sneaking into lobbies during matchmaking to change the state of the game. The most common change seen is the number of players in a game. lobby raised as well as changes to the monsters themselves. Currently, players will only encounter one entity in a match, which is sufficient. Now Modders are changing that, increasing spawn rates, increasing ghost count, and speeding up the pace of each round. Other modders are making some weird additions, like the Twitter post below showing the dolls that started to appear randomly in the lobby. Not malicious, but still scary enough and is just the obvious change. Who knows what other changes have been made as well: A cheater joined us in the Phasmophobia room a few days ago and summoned all these dolls to the lobby. He also did other things like summon flashlights or force us to the game’s death animation in the lobby. – ChoiCer (@ChoiCerTG) October 15, 2020 Given the cooperative nature of Phasmophobia, the game is terrifying and interactive. Using hacks in unsuspecting lobbies is, to put it bluntly, really crap. If you want to change the game, keep it in groups of your friends. If you don’t have friends, go solo. Don’t ruin the experience of other players because you are bored or want to interrupt a game. The team behind the game are aware of the issue and have offered advice on running the beta of Phasmophobia while the game is still in Early Access. While this isn’t the end of fixes, it does offer a short-term solution to avoiding modders.

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