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PEL Season 3 format, teams and schedule: PUBG Mobile

  • The PEL Season 3, i.e., Peacekeeper Elite 2020 Season 3, an official tournament for Game For Peace (Chinese version of PUBG Mobile) has been announced.
  • The tournament is scheduled from 25th September to 25th October, with 20 teams invited to battle it out over four weeks to qualify for the Finals.

Format for the PEL Season 3

The regular season of the event spans over four weeks and every week will have three match days from Friday to Sunday, with five matches played daily.

Day 1 of each week will start with the top 15 teams battling each other,with the top five sides of the day qualifying for the Weekly Finals, i.e., Day 3. The teams ranked from 6th to 15th on Day 1, and the rest of the bottom five teams, will fight for ten slots in the Weekly Finals on Day 2.

Only points accumulated on Day 3, i.e., Weekly Finals, will be counted for the weekly ranking.

After four weeks of the regular season, the top 15 teams will qualify for the finals, which is scheduled over four days from 22nd October to 25th October with teams playing five matches a day.

Matches will be played in the FPP mode, and two points will be awarded each for a kill in the first two circles, and one point for each kill from the third circle.

PEL Season 3 position point system

Position points system for the PEL Season 3

PEL Season 3 new weekly points system

PEL Season 3 weekly points system

Invited teams for PEL Season 3

PEL Season 3 invited teams

1. Nova Xqf

2. Royal Never Give Up

3. Four Angry Eight

4. Six Two Men

5. YiQiLang (YQL)

6. JD Gaming( LK Gaming)

7. Qing Jiu Club

8. LGD Gaming

9. Team Game

10. All Gamers

11. ACT Gaming

12. The Chosen

13. AgFoxBlack

14. Tianba

15. Da Kun Gaming(DKG)

16. Elite Esports

17. Regan S Gaming

18. Give Me Five

19. Still Moving Under Gunfire

20. Tong Jia Bao Esports

PEL Season 3 schedule

PEL Season 3 schedule

Map schedule:

Miramar: FPP

Miramar: FPP

Erangel: FPP

Erangel: FPP

Erangel: FPP

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