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North American esports organisation XSET announces their PUBG Mobile team

XSET is a new organisation founded by three former FaZe Clan executives and Marco Mereu. They founded this organisation with a vision of increasing diversity and inclusion in esports.

As we all know PUBG Mobile recently got banned by Indian Government, on this matter Nicholas “Milo” Soldatos shared his view:-

“Majority of the mobile gamers in India rely on Pubg Mobile for their income, whether that’s streaming or playing competitively. The information regarding the ban was not provided to the players in advance. I have friends from India like Scout, Owais, Daljit. TikTok also got banned over there a while ago but this is very sad. I and my team will be looking at what kind of effect will this have on the global side and the esports scene for PUBG Mobile in future.”

XSET PUBG Mobile Lineup :

•Nicholas”Niko” Soldatos

• Kent “Juicy” Masang Jr

•Justus Xavier “Angry” Wilson



Marco Mereu, Co-founder and COO of XSET said: “Yeah, we researched before entering a new game, the key factor we are looking at is the competitiveness of the team we are signing. You also always want to be cognizant of the makeup of the team and our commitment to being diverse and inclusive. Our players have a wide variety of backgrounds, so definitely factor into our decision but the most important thing on the esports side is working with the most skilled players.”

On the matter of PUBG Mobile got banned in India he said:

“As compared to the popularity of the game with CHina and India, it is not as much popular in North America, the game has just started growing in North America. With the entry of 5G network all over the regions the mobile gaming will get massive boost. The reason behind PUBG Mobile getting popular in India is the accessibility which opens up the option for esports side in India.

Recently Tencent has announced a $2M PUBG Mobile tournament, which is scheduled to be held in November. Tencent has also announced a new update dedicated to reduce lag and improvement in graphics of the game which will impact in competitive events.

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