New Destiny 2: Beyond Light Story Trailer Brings Our Boy Variks Back Once More

Another Destiny 2: Beyond Light trailer is from Bungie and this story driven video brings back our boy Variks in addition to a new look at Stasis Barons. In the trailer below, we see Eramis bestowing Stasis’ new power throughout his house as an ongoing gift of darkness. As a trailer, fans can get a glimpse of what drives Eramis’ actions in relation to the rift that pushes the Traveler back on the Fallen. Just like in a previous video, Variks is also back, although the last time was just as a narrator. Now no longer a voice, Variks has been captured and needs to be rescued by Eramis, where our returning (and beloved) Exo Stranger comes in. For those who haven’t played the first Destiny, Variks is a fallen vandal who was the sole survivor of the House of Judgment. He has an interesting history, but his loyalty to Queen Mara Sov was unwavering. That being said, he was responsible for the prison breakout in Destiny 2: Forsaken, which ended up having my mate Cayde-6 killed, so to say I have a lot of salt on him is a huge understatement. “A growing divide echoes in our collective subconscious,” reads the latest blog entry accompanying the new video. “Precious gifts bestowed by the Traveler. Unspeakable evil caused by the Pyramids. As division spreads and distrust grows between alliances long considered unbreakable, the truths we hold dear will be called into question.” The Guardians will face Eramis and his lieutenants Atraks, Kridis, Phylaks and Praksis. Each figure harnesses the power of the new subclass, Stasis, while also stopping at nothing when it comes to what Eramis wants. Destiny 2: Beyond Light arrives November 10. Are you excited? What did you think of the story trailer? Give your opinion in the comments section below! And remember: eyes up, keeper.

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