New Character Klee Arrives In Genshin Impact Today

Ready to bet on gacha for a new character? The first new playable character coming to Genshin Impact, the 5-star Klee, arrives today as the star of a new banner. This means that you may have a great chance of acquiring this little character that makes huge explosions, if you have a large stack of Primogems saved or the will to open your wallet. A story quest in AR32 allows you to try out the character, but a new try to test Klee will also be available to see if you want to spend your hard-earned currency (in-game or otherwise) to try and get that Pyro character back. While many of us run Xiangling for our spicy fire persona and the few elites who run Diluc, Klee could challenge the current pyro stars. Klee has a skill set that encompasses all manner of explosions, and like many other characters in Genshin Impact, combining her skills with other characters and abilities can yield surprising and powerful results. Klee’s Banner also features a drop rate increase for some 4-Star characters that you might be interested in picking up constellations during this event. Check out our guide to gacha, constellations, and more here. I think Klee looks like a mighty AOE fire character, but I’m saving my Primogems for the next region. Yeah, I’m aware it might take a while. When gacha banners are involved, it’s worth saving! Want to learn more about Klee? Check out the trailer below!

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