NBA 2K21 Adds Unskippable Ads In-Game, 2K Once More In Hot Seat With Fans

2K is in the hot seat again after adding non-skippable ads in NBA 2K21, a game that sells for top dollar for $ 60. The latest addition was added a month after launch during the pre-game loading screen, and many believe this to be an inappropriate move given that this is a title to be played. full price. As stated by Stevivor, non-skippable ads are available on all platforms, which is usually a mechanism added in free titles as a form of monetization. Since this game’s monetization comes from its $ 60 price tag, there is a lot of confusion regarding this addition and why it has been added now. In the video above, Stevivor shows an Oculus Quest 2 advertisement while the match is loading, which means players also cannot update or make changes to their squad until the announcement is made. finished. So why are the players upset? Other than the obvious reason for another cash grab for a $ 60 game, this isn’t the first time 2K has done this and later retracted it due to player backlash. In NBA 2K20, commercials were included in the game and the negative feedback was immediate and intense. There are plenty of franchises that abuse monetization models, including titles like UFC, FIFA, and, yes, NBA. 2K is one such publisher, as is EA, which seems to constantly be criticized for making these seemingly greedy decisions about additional monetization tools. Twitter, the in-game subreddit, and forums are all lit with negative reactions to this. Now, we’re just waiting to see how 2K responds this time around. What do you think of the addition of non-skippable ads in NBA 2K21? Not a big deal or a bad move from 2K? Give your opinion in the comments section below!

[Source: Stevivor via Eurogamer] [ad_2]
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