Loops Esports wins PMPL Americas season 2, 3 teams qualify for PMGC | Dot Esports

Image via TencentLoops Esports won Season 2 of the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Americas. They pocketed $ 40,000 and qualified for Season Zero of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) with the finalist and third team, The Unnamed and Alpha7 Esports. Loops Esports, who were the defending champions, absolutely dominated the season two finale. They had five chicken dinners and 131 casualties. To put that in perspective, The Unnamed, second, could only handle two chicken dinners and 67 wins. tournament, he came to the last game to decide the two remaining teams representing the Americas at the PMGC from the end of November. In fact, Execute and Alpha7 Esports were tied after the last game, with both teams racking up 156 points. However, Alpha7 Esports withdrew due to more wins, here is the overall standings after 18 matches in the final. The top three teams will compete in the PMGC.Screengrab via TencentScreengrab via TencentThe PMGC will start in late November with 20 teams from around the world. It will run for over a month and has a prize pool of $ 2 million.

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