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LoL: Worlds 2020 | Top Esports vs Suning Semi-Final Recap

The LPL’s Second Civil War began as Top Esports (“TES”) and Suning Gaming (“SN”) traveled to the Rift for a place in the Grand Final against Damwon Gaming. Entering the series, TES was clearly the favorite of the match given his LPL victory as the first seed. SN arrived at the Worlds as an outlier for most groups, with many top-ranked teams actively wanting them in their groups. It was LEC’s G2 Esports that ended up bringing them into their squad, and we all know how that happened. Also Read: Bjergsen Retires As Player, Moves To TSM Head Coach Game One Game One Game One In A Series Is Crucial To Setting Expectations. We saw it yesterday with G2 vs Damwon. Although G2 scored a victory in Game 2, the tone of the series of one-sided matches has been set since the shift. For SN, securing a first match win could be crucial, especially as a series underdog. SN got off to the start they needed, scooping up the first blood at the top of the map with the help of a Lee Sin gank. TES was able to quickly counter the kill with a respawn response kill. Meanwhile, SN all-in the bot lane TES but fails to get the game to work, giving practically over two more wins. TES continued to snowball the first lead as they moved up to 2k gold ahead. Additionally, TES won two early drakes to prepare for Soul Point. With the Soul dot drake appearing on the map, it was SN who took it to prevent TES from claiming a 23 minute win condition. At the end of the fight, SN managed to defeat two members of TES. They also picked up Baron Buff, bringing them back to the Golden Head. Unfortunately, SN has not been able to take full advantage of Power Play. They did, however, make a brilliant game of finding an ace on TES when the next drake appeared. SN immediately charged on the middle track and destroyed the middle track turrets. Despite a last desperate defense from TES, SN is able to stay the course with a massive victory in Game 1. Quick Stats: Time: 29:35 Kills: 7-11 Turrets: 3-7 Gold: 50.5k – 55.8k Dragons: 3-2 Barons: 0-1 Game Two After a huge Game One, SN did what nobody did expected doing. Now, with the second game approaching, everything was to play. Go 2-0 and stack the pressure on TES or go to 1-1 and lose momentum. The start of the match was fairly calm, but SN is once again able to recover First Blood. They catch a large kill when the second drake spawns, which means it’s easy safety for them. Little action took place before the third drake, which was secured by SofM for SN. The fight after taking the drake saw both teams lose a limb. Although TES has a small lead, SN is a 20 minute drake of Soul. TES is once again in a position to obtain an important choice on SN. With the soul point appearing, the member of SN reappearing, the game might just come down to the fourth drake. Right now, TES has a decent lead in 1.5k gold. TES managed to take a large drake to delay the SN Soul pickup, however, JackeyLove dies in the process. Above all, Karsa is able to get one in return as TES extended their lead to almost 3k. With this, TES was also able to claim Baron Buff and more wins by putting more pressure on SN, advancing 6km. With 10 seconds left on the Baron, they started a fight with SN and took down two limbs before destroying the Bottom Path Inhibitor. SN mounted a solid defense as TES moved away to move to secure the drake. They got an incredibly important pick in the top, which was traded before SN cut 369 to enjoy the fight as they continued to kick in this game. However, this is not enough for SN as TES has found choices on SofM and huanfeng. TES couldn’t be stopped inside the base and they take the series to 1-1. Quick Stats: Time: 33:50 Kills: 7-12 Turrets: 3-10 Gold: 55.5k – 62.5k Dragons: 3-2 Barons: 0-1 Third Game TES brought the series to an even level of play in the second game and he set the streak up to be a banger. While SN remains in the series, TES came away with a big lead as they sought to take control of the series. But in this game, SN picked up the first blood once again, although it was quickly traded. They then moved to the top and racked up two big wins against Bin and SofM as they took a huge early gold lead of 1.5k. SN continued to snowball in the game, advancing 3 miles as they decimated the top lane, the Shen Jungle clearly choosing the difference factor. TES managed to find a great game with the second drake spawning. SN engaged initially, but TES reacted hastily with TPs flying in the bottom lane. The resulting fight sees them clinch two victories. Once again, TES landed a massive double kill on the bot side of the map. With that, they started to line up, closing the gold lead at just 3k in the process. SN was able to stem the bleeding by picking up the third drake, slowing down a possible TES win condition in the process. TES starts over, picking up a pickaxe before the drake spawns. SN advances SN, not to be outdone, is able to kill TES support and reduce the drake’s score to two each. In a match that apparently only activates around drakes, it’s drake number five that triggers the next action. Here, SN claimed his Soul Point drake. Then SN approached the Baron as they gestured around the bit, begging TES to fight them. With both sides dropping the health bars, SN stepped away from the buff and the two teams shook hands on the game and reset. Back on the map. TES Karsa made a play to try and defeat Bin with the Soul Drake spawn. But the row 1 bottom lane tower remained standing and he died trying to play. TES dropped a second limb soon after, allowing SN to claim a free soul as they moved towards the Baron. With Baron Buff also claimed, SN pushed into the TES base and landed a quick kill. TES is doing their best to defend themselves, but they just can’t do it as SN claims a few more wins in the process and goes 2-1 in the series. Quick Stats: Time: 39:35 Kills: 7-13 Turrets: 3-11 Gold: 65.5k – 76.1k Dragons: 2-4 Barons: 0-1 Game Four With SN entering the series with a double match, TES had all of this to do if they wanted to continue living their journey through the worlds. SN looked clinical in all three games, and even in the loss of the second game, they looked like they could take it on several occasions. Game 4 would be SN’s opportunity to prove they can handle the pressure and secure a place in the grand final. SN has once again picked up the First Blood, this time on JackeyLove. TES pulled the trigger on the tracking gank and landed a kill, however, SN also counterattacks by taking out two other TES members. With that, they climb again to a huge 1k gold lead in the series. TES has mastered the game despite a slight gold deficit. Once again, they managed to reach the almost undisputed Soul point. However, the bad news for TES is that SN has two turrets and a free 19-minute breeding Jax, which gives SN a solid win condition. SN fought back, but thanks to the stream and the broadcaster’s hiatus, we don’t know exactly what happened. Thankfully, the replay showed how dominant SN was as they accepted TES, losing only one member in return. SN also picked up the fourth drake to block the TES win condition. On their way to the final boss Next, TES had a huge choice on huanfeng around Baron as they looked to catch up with SN. But TES was removed from the buff so they remembered and reset. Back on the Rift, SN picked JackeyLove as they baited TES at Baron. The fight is delayed until the drake, where SN pulled the trigger in the middle lane. Here, they toppled three members of the TES list, dropping one in response. Then SN got the Baron back, losing only SwordArt in the process. TES kept running but couldn’t do enough as SN sought to open the map. As they began to besiege, SN made a huge play on the bot side of the map. Although they lost a limb, two SN members knocked down the lower TES pathway inhibitor and a Nexus turret. After that, SN switched to Soul Point as TES was unable to collect Soul Point for himself. With the disappearance of Baron Buff, a major 5v5 erupts and it is SN who wins it. They have Ace TES and scored a massive victory to take the Series 3-1 and secure their place in the LoL World Final. Quick stats: Time: 42:08 Kills: 21-18 Turrets: 11-1 Gold: 81.3k – 73.3k Dragons: 3-3 Barons: 2-0

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